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Open House – Crossness

I’ve been to Crossness before, but a guy named Rodney, kindly gave me a lift to one of London”s two cathedrals of sewage, I decided to accept it. The other cathedral is Abbey Mills.

It was heaving with people and the only low point was waiting for the mini-bus in the heavy rain, to get the train home.

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London’s Freight Problem

I have hinted in my ramblings around the North London and Gospel Oak to Barking lines, that London has a rail freight problem, which mainly concerns getting large numbers of long heavy freight trains,  to and from London Gateway and the Haven Ports in the east and the West Coast and Great Western Main lines in the north and west.

Without repeating what London Reconnections have done, I would suggest, that before you pontificate down the pub, you read their three part analysis.

Part 1: Reshaping the Network

Part 2:The Freight Must Flow

Part 3: A Quart Into A Pint Pot

The title of part 3 sums up the problem so well.

At the present, all I can see that more and more freight traffic is going to pass through London.

For my own part, I would never buy any house, that was anywhere need the North London or Gospel Oak to Barking lines, as the noise problem is going to get horrific.

The following should also be done as soon as possible.

There should be electrification of the Felixstowe to Nuneaton rail line , so that freight trains from the Haven Ports to the Midlands and the North don’t have to go via London. This would have the benefit of opening up paths on the Great Eastern Main line and also making services from East Anglia to the Midlands electric-hauled.

The Gospel Oak to Barking line should be electrified.  There are always good environmental reasons for electrification, but here the main reason is that replacing noisy diesel engines with quieter electric ones will reduce the noise substantially.

But these will only be stop gap measures and surely in around 2020, the problem of getting the freight through is going to get worse.

Something radical will need to be done.

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Cool Brands

The BBC is also reporting the coolest brands.

Top is Apple, which proves P. T. Barnum‘s statement of “there’s a sucker born every minute”. In fact of the top twenty brands, I only use five; YouTube, Google, BBC iPlayer, Sony and Nikon.

Surely though, the coolest brand in post-Olympic London is Heatherwick, who designed the Olympic flame and the New Bus for London.

Who’d have thought a bus could be cool, but then, who’d have thought that the BBC, would have designed, something that features highly on the list produced by Cool Brands.

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Faith Healers Claim HIV Cure

BBC London is leading with this story this morning and giving it the due respect it deserves.  In other words, saying it’s a load of old religious bunkum and the best thing you can do is take your anti-retroviral drugs. The BBC is also saying that there have been at least three deaths, because people stopped taking their drugs.


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