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Google Going “Carbon Free” By 2030

The title of this post, is the same as that of this article on the Houston Chronicle.

This is the introductory paragraph.

Tech giant Google is committing to using no form of energy that emits carbon dioxide by the end of this decade, ramping up its commitment to fighting climate change.

This looks like a good thing to me, as all those servers use a lot of electricity.

There have also been similar pledges from Microsoft and Apple.

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Intel Raises The White Flag

This article about Intel and its fight with ARM could be the most significant story about the rise of the Cambridge upstart for the next few months. This is the opening paragraph.

Unable to break through with its own mobile Atom chipset, it seems that Intel finally raised the white flag and has decided to begin manufacturing 64-bit ARM chips of its own.

The article, then goes on to speculate about future relationships between ARM, Intel and Apple. It finishes with this statement.

Intel’s potential ability to make high quality 64-bit ARM CPU’s may be enough to entice Apple into taking the plunge, and perhaps even get an exclusivity agreement in the meantime.

That would be an alliance!

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Saving Fuel With An iPad

Aiurline pilots traditionally carry masses of paper documents on each flight.  But according to this article, American Airlines are now  replacing this excess baggage with iPads.

American Airlines are quoted in the article as saving a million dollars in fuel costs and reducing the major cause of pilot injury; the carrying of the documents.

I suppose for safety, they could even carry a second iPad, in case the first decides to fail.

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The Real On-Line Criminals

This article about unfair terms and conditions in agreements with on-line retailers is enlightening.

The companies they name and shame are Microsoft, Netflix and Apple. I never deal with any of these on-line.

I think the only company, I regurlarly give money to over the Internet, that doesn’t have physical presence, is WordPress, where I host this blog.  I just give them a few dollars for extra storage and so I can use video. But as Facebook found with Instagram, I would vote with my fingers and move, if they did something I really didn’t like.

The article on the BBC, does give the name of a project that rates the Terms and Conditions of web sites call TOS; DR. It’s here.

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Looking Under A Friend’s Mouse

From Cambridge yesterday, I was picked up by a mate to have a drink before I went on to the football. I found this mess under their mouse.

Looking Under A Friend's Mouse

Looking Under A Friend’s Mouse

It is no wonder the computer wasn’t working too well.

But then as you can see it’s an Apple and they never work for me. I must be allergic to them!

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Playboy Launch A Non-Nude App

I read of this in the Sunday Times, but it’s here in Tech Dirt.

It’s not much good for me, as I don’t buy Apple products.

So perhaps that old chestnut about buying it for the articles might be true.  As now you can?

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Apples Down The Drain

I don’t like devices that have a low battery life.  It’s one of the reasons, I stick to my Nokia 6310i, although I’m not using it at the moment, as it needs to go to the menders, due to a touch of plastic fatigue.

But I’m quite happy with the battery life of my Samsung Tab, that I take a lot of places.

So I was rather confirmed in my prejudices against Apple products, when I read this article by the respected Rory Cellan-Jones on the BBC’s web site. This is the first two paragraphs.

Is there a problem with the latest update to Apple’s mobile operating system, and is it threatening to cause wider damage to mobile and corporate networks? I’m not entirely sure – because Apple itself is being typically uncooperative with anyone inquiring about it.

iPhone users, corporate IT departments and at least one mobile network are reporting problems following the iOS 6.1 update released late last month. It has apparently caused batteries on some iPhones to drain rapidly by repeatedly contacting the mobile network.

But as usual, Apple are being economical with the truth. So nothing changes!

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And Now The iPotty!

I didn’t believe it, when I heard this on the radio.

But the iPotty is here.

I think it’s one of those ideas that might work for girls, but boys tend to spray everything in front, after the experience of our three sons. Or in some cases stand up and poo on the floor in front.  I wonder, what that would do to an iPad!

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I Didn’t Get On The iBus

I let this bus go when I got to the stop.

I Didn't Get On The iBus

I Didn’t Get On The iBus

I don’t like it’s up front advertising especially for Apple products, but I was talking to a guy with an adorable ten week old baby in his arms. Anyway with 38 buses, you only have to wait a minute or so for another one. And when it did turn up, it was a New Bus for London. These are now saying that they accept credit cards.

Credit Cards On The Buses

Credit Cards On The Buses

Who needs a car, when personal transport is so frequent. It did seem to me though, that with all that advertising the iBus was rather slower than the new bus I was on.

The Slow iBus

The Slow iBus

I’m always reminded of the joke about how you make an Apple computer go faster.  You drop it from a taller building.

The New Buses for London seem to be faster over a distance than the standard ones.  I think partly it’s due to the hybrid drive, which gives good acceleration, but also as passengers seem to get on and off a lot quicker.

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Apple Maps Get It Dangerously Wrong

This story about Apple Maps being wrong in Australia, shows how relying on some forms of technology can be very wrong.

The story talks about Mildura in Victoria, which is one of the hottest places I’ve ever been.

C and I were flying around Australia in a light aircraft and on the leg from Sydney to Adelaide, we stopped at Mildura for fuel and a snack.

I can remember C holding the door wide open as we taxied in to the terminal. The temperature was at least in the high thirties, if I remember right. Wikipedia says this about the temperature in the city.

Mildura experiences some very hot days in summer with temperatures exceeding 40 °C on a number of days per year.

It may have been over forty that day, but I know that I’d never been so keen to get airborne and into the colder air at altitude.

On our trip, it was the only time we set foot in Victoria.

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