The Anonymous Widower

Would You Live In A Church?

The Church of St. Andrew in Rodney Street in Liverpool has been a ruin for years.

Would You Live In A Church?

But now it’s being converted into a hundred student rooms. For a city with a deep religious feeling, it does seem to be very happy to use old churches for secular purposes.  Many of my university exams were taken in redundant ones.

I do like this piece from Wikipedia about the church.

Adjacent to the church in the churchyard is a monument to William Mackenzie, a railway contractor who died in 1851. It is in the shape of a pyramid, is constructed in granite, and was erected in 1868. Facing the street is a blind entrance flanked by uprights supporting a lintel containing a bronze plaque. The structure is a Grade II listed building.

There is a tradition that, as Mackenzie was a gambling man, he sold his soul to the Devil, and that his body was placed in a seating position above ground within the pyramid, in order that the Devil may not claim him. His ghost is said to haunt Rodney Street.

So will Mackenzie be surprising students in their beds?

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