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Memories Of That Was The Week That Was

They’re talking about That Was The Week That Was on Radio 5, this afternoon.

It was on late at night and I had to get up early in the morning. So my father used to get me up just as the program started.

I can remember several things about the program.

  1.  Bernard Levin’s interviews. My father hated pomposity and nearly got himself a hernia laughing at some of Levin’s interviews.
  2. Frankie Howerd on the Budget, which is surely one of the greatest monologues ever written and performed. It was written by Muir and Norden.
  3. The program on the death of President Kennedy. Surely, the finest tribute program ever.
  4. Millicent Martin’s songs.  And her dresses that appealed to a 14-year-old.
  5. David Frost’s tactics to handle overrunning of the program.

I’ve never seen anything so good since.

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