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Henry Blofeld Is In Fine Form

I woke early today and after sorting my e-mails, I went back to bed to listen to Test Match Special from India. It wasn’t just England’s batsman, that were in fine form, but Henry Blofeld was as well, as have gave an amazing talk on his memories of India during the lunch break.

He told the tale, about how he nearly played for England in 1963 in India, when the team was decimated by the dreaded Delhi Belly. This link points to the paragraph containing the tale in Wikipedia, but it is much less colourful than Blowers account.

He also told how in 1976, he was one of five, who took a vintage Rolls-Royce all the way to India by road, travelling through Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan.  As it was such an immaculate vehicle, it was treated by everyone with the respect it deserved. Try doing that journey now. But it was done by many in those days.  My cousin, John, did it around the same time in a Thames Trader gown van. There was even a regular bus to India called something like the Overland Trail.

Henry Blofeld until recently used to wear a pith helmet whilst reporting cricket tours like India.

He must be one of the last great British eccentrics. Hopefully, his talk will appear on the BBC iPlayer after play finishes for today.  It’s well worth a listen. It’s here.

Incidentally, C who was a barrister, appeared several times in front of his elder brother, the judge, Sir John Blofeld.

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