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Traffic In The New Kings Road

I’d gone to Chelsea to check out the traffic in one of the most congested areas of London and also to look at a box junction dubbed Moneybox by the Daily Mail in this article. These are the pictures I took.

I noticed several things that make this area so bad for traffic.

1. I’d actually got off the bus and walked because it was quicker.  I wonder how many people don’t use the buses because it’s quicker to drive. By comparison here just north of the Angel, I would suspect the buses are quicker.

2. Note the number of large heavy good vehicles in the road. what are they doing here at lunchtime on a Tuesday.  again to compare to the Angel, you do see some going through, but not as many as I did today.

3. You will notice in some of pictures, that trucks and vans are parked at the side of the road.  some may be doing deliveries, but one van just had a couple of guys in it, eating their lunch.

I suppose there is just too much traffic and you can understand, why Ken introduced a Congestion Charge in the area.

It’s a severe problem and luckily, it doesn’t affect me, unless I go to the area on a bus.

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