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These Protesters Give Nimbys A Bad Name

I did laugh when I saw this article about Crossrail 2 in the Metro.

It is the sort of selfish protest that gives protesters and Nimbys a bad name.

As someone, who has lived through the upgrading of the North and East London Lines to create the London Overground, I have seen how better transport links create prosperity for a wide range of people of all levels of wealth.

But then any poor people have been ridden out of Chelsea on a rail!

If I’m still alive when Crossrail 2 opens, I will take the line to Chelsea and stare at my betters. Probably with my tongue

On second thoughts I won’t, as Chelsea is jammed solid with Chelsea tractors. Protesters like those, will only be satisfied if they had a free motorway to the rest of

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The Luvvies Don’t Like Crossrail 2

Kings Road is one of the worst roads for traffic in London, as Traffic in the New Kings Road shows.

So you’d think that a new Crossrail 2 station would be welcomed. But according to thus article in the Standard which is entitled Felicity Kendal and Trevor Eve join fight to stop Crossrail station on King’s Road, there is a campaign against the line. The article says this.

The campaign group No Crossrail in Chelsea warns that it will lead to years of disruption and ruin the character of one of London’s best loved “villages”

I have always thought that there would be such a campaign in Chelsea, as let’s face it, these people probably don’t go anywhere unless they’re in a large gas-guzzler or taxi.

The joke is that if a station is built in the Kings Road, I believe it will be built by uphill excavation from the tunnels deep below and the amount of surface disruption will be about the same as that of building a couple of new shops with flats on the top.

These people don’t know what they are missing, being so detached from London’s transport system. After all Crossrail 2 would allow them to come and enjoy the sights of Dalston, Tottenham and Walthamstow. But they probably go no further than John Lewis at Sloane Square. (I know it’s called Peter Jones, but John Lewis know that to change the name would create a battle that would make Stalingrad look like a childrens tea party!)

These campaign groups are a disgrace and if any of the members have Freedom Passes, they should be publicly cancelled.

Incidentally, Patrick Stewart and other so-called important people staged a campaign against the Super Sewer. That was extremely successful and they are now looking forward to a sewage system of which London could be proud.

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A Big Dilemma

Tonight, I can either watch Manchester City or Chelski in the Champions League, as it’s uncertain as to which will give me the greatest pleasure by being given a good drubbing!

We really do need serious Fair Play rules on spending, so that talent rather than money rules.

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Number 11 Goes New Bus For London

I took a ride on a number 11 and despite the unfortunate accident, they seemed to be running well.

Number 11 Goes New Bus For London

Number 11 Goes New Bus For London

Are they proving to be a posh bus for the posh parts of London?

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Abramovitch Shows His True Feelings About Frank Lampard

I’m half-watching Chelsea beating Brentford and when Frank Lampard left the field to a standing ovation from most Chelski supporters, after scoring a goal, the television cameras showed the look on Abramovitch’s face.

He showed no emotion at all!

Compare that with the Brentford Chairman, Greg Dyke’s enthusiasm this morning on the radio.

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We’re All Brentford Supporters Now

Brentford visit Chelski in their FA Cup fourth round replay today.  I doubt, there is too many, who want Chelski to win. Greg Dyke, the Brentford Chairman, said on Radio 5, that even Chelski supporters want Brentford to win, as that would hasten the departure of the manager they hate.

I doubt that I’ll be watching, as it will probably be too painful to watch, as I can’t see Chelski making the same mistake twice.

But here’s hoping!

If Brentford should win, then it will be West London’s turn to party after the Olympics in East London last year.

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What Will Abramovitch Do Now?

After the farce at Swansea last night, it’ll be interesting to see what crazy thing happens at Chelski next!

I watched the match and I think the result was fair, as Swansea with a bit of luck could have won this leg of the tie too!

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Pep Guardiola Gives A Two-Fingered Salute to Chelski And Man Sheikhy

Pep Guardiola has decoded to join Bayern Munich.  Read about it here in the Guardian.

It just goes to show that you may be as rich as Croesus, but you can’t buy everything. And certainly a man to whom it appears football is more important than money.

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Traffic In The New Kings Road

I’d gone to Chelsea to check out the traffic in one of the most congested areas of London and also to look at a box junction dubbed Moneybox by the Daily Mail in this article. These are the pictures I took.

I noticed several things that make this area so bad for traffic.

1. I’d actually got off the bus and walked because it was quicker.  I wonder how many people don’t use the buses because it’s quicker to drive. By comparison here just north of the Angel, I would suspect the buses are quicker.

2. Note the number of large heavy good vehicles in the road. what are they doing here at lunchtime on a Tuesday.  again to compare to the Angel, you do see some going through, but not as many as I did today.

3. You will notice in some of pictures, that trucks and vans are parked at the side of the road.  some may be doing deliveries, but one van just had a couple of guys in it, eating their lunch.

I suppose there is just too much traffic and you can understand, why Ken introduced a Congestion Charge in the area.

It’s a severe problem and luckily, it doesn’t affect me, unless I go to the area on a bus.

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Patrick Barclay On Sheikh Mansour

I picked up the Standard tonight as I often do, and this article by Patrick Barclay caught my eye. Here’s the first paragraph.

When Sheikh Mansour took over Manchester City, I suggested that his best route to the top of English football would be to buy and disband Manchester United, acquiring as many of their players as were wanted, then paint Old Trafford blue and use it as a training ground. Fortunately, the Sheikh and his Abu Dhabi associates preferred more constitutional methods.

But something must be done to create a fairer playing field, where rich benefactors can make a farce of fair play. UEFA are trying, but then will Abramovitch and Mansour fall into line? I doubt it!

On the other hand, there are quite a few footballers out there, who contrary to the usual myths are intelligent and have made enough money to go where they please. I think and very much hope that we see a lot more upsets like Swansea at Chelsea in the future.


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