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Smoking Bans Lead To Fall In Asthma

This report on the BBC, says there is a link between the smoking ban and a drop in the number of children admitted to hospital with asthma. Here’s a relevant paragraph.

We increasingly think it’s because people are adopting smoke-free homes when these smoke-free laws are introduced and this is because they see the benefits of smoke-free laws in public places such as restaurants and they increasingly want to adopt them in their home.

I also think, that children are also badgering their parents not to smoke.

When we were developing the metered dose inhaler for drugs, like those for asthma, I came across some research that showed any naked flame in the house increased the oxides of nitrogen in the air, that might be causing asthma. This page from the US EPA outlines the problem and gives advice.

So I would never have a gas cooker or fire in my house. There was one when I bought this house, but I sold it.

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  1. I suspect unleaded fuel will be helping too. I live on a fairly main road, and the air is much better now than it was, both my girls had very mild asthma as children, and sometimes the short walk from school made them very wheezy.

    Comment by Liz P | January 21, 2013 | Reply

    • I remember Southampton Uinversity did some research on this and found it wasn’t the case. I don’t have the reference though.

      I also found some research that New Zealand had some of the highest incidence of inhalers for asthma in the developed world.

      Comment by AnonW | January 21, 2013 | Reply

  2. […] previous post on asthma got me thinking, so I looked up if there was a site, that gave asthma deaths by […]

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  3. In OZ . . . the cleanest air in the world state of Tasmania . . . is moving towards making smoking & selling smokes illegal . . . closing down the whole smoking industry in the state.

    Comment by Steam Lover | January 21, 2013 | Reply

    • I hadn’t heard that! But someone has to be first. I always forget Tasmania.

      Comment by AnonW | January 22, 2013 | Reply

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