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Maryland Abolishes The Death Penalty

It was on the cards and it is reported here in the Guardian.

All it needs now is for the Governor to sign it into law.

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An Unusual Advantage Of Professional Cleaners

For the last few months, I’ve had a professional company clean my house, as opposed to a lady who comes round.

One advantage I hadn’t thought of, was that as the company, bring all their own equipment and materials, I no longer have to buy them and carry them back from the shops.

I’d never thought of that! But it’s a great advantage and offsets the extra cost of the professional company.

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Football In The Vatican

I’ve just found this article about the Vatican City football team.

It’s definitely worth a read and I don’t think anybody would find it offensive.

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Tunnelling Through Black Death

Crossrail has come across some unusual going on its tunnelling throuygh London. According to this article, they have hit a Black Death burial pit. Here’s a couple of paragraphs.

A burial ground was known to be in an area outside the City of London, but its exact location remained a mystery.

Thirteen bodies have been found so far in the 5.5m-wide shaft at the edge of Charterhouse Square, alongside pottery dated to the mid-14th Century.

Analysis will shed light on the plague and the Londoners of the day.

You have to admire the way that Europe’s biggest project is handling the archaeology.

Strangely, I can’t remember any of the excavations finding any unexploded ordnance from the Second World War.

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Buying A Suitable Wash Bag

I’m going on holiday on Monday and I needed a new wash-bag. I searched the shops in Canary Wharf and Islington and found nothing suitable. eventually I bought this pencil case in Paperchase.

A Pencil Case From Paperchase

A Pencil Case From Paperchase

It is ideal for what I need.

A Wash Bag From Paperchase

A Wash Bag From Paperchase

I suppose the market isn’t that big, but I need one that is large enough to take an electric toothbrush, my hairbrush and a few other bits.

I would also think there might be a case for making them like old-fashioned gym bags with a draw string.

I think the trouble too, is that most are bought by women and they need to carry a lot more.

I should say that paperchase do sell wash bags, but these were too small for the electric toothbrush.

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The Circular Argument Over The Falklands

Whatever the Pope thinks about the Falklands is all fairly irrelevant, despite what was said in the my post about the Daily Mirror, as he has other more pressing problems.

In the end though, economic arguments will win through, so consider these facts.

Argentina’s economy is pretty much a basket case and with policies like nationalising oil companies as reported here, they are annoying possible supporters like Spain.

Spain too, would like to get rid of that irritant Gibraltar, but with their economic problems, they are not going to do anything rash in the area.  Although, they do block various EU measures because of it. I think the Spanish are sensible enough to realise that British visitors are an important part of their economy.

The UK, is also a big destination for Spanish unemployed, where they are one of the bigger groups of immigrants.

And then there’s the Spanish enclaves on the coast of North Africa, which to Morocco are probably the same sort of irritant as Gibraltar is to Spain and the Falklands are to Argentina.

So the economy and the politics go round and round.

Throw in possible Scottish independence, which would  be an encouragement to some parts of Spain, that yearn for independence and you have a big, interconnected mix.

You probably have two sensible players and one that has a reputation as a bit of an opportunist.

In some ways it’s rather sad what has happened to Argentina.  Before the Second World War, it was much higher up the league of prosperity, than it is now. It just shows how bad government can ruin a country.

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