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UK Objects To Description Of Gibraltar As ‘British Colony’ In EU Law

The title of this post is the same as that of this article on the BBC.

This is the first three paragraphs.

The UK has objected to Gibraltar being described as a “colony” in European Union legislation allowing UK nationals to travel to the EU after Brexit.

The EU proposed allowing visa-free travel for Britons in November.

The Spanish government has since insisted a footnote be added describing Gibraltar as a “colony” and referring to “controversy” over its status.

The UK’s Ambassador to the EU objected.


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Is Spain Looking Both Ways On Brexit?

This article on the BBC is entitled Spain Brexit: PM Sánchez Threatens To Vote No Over Gibraltar.

The title says it all.

On the other hand, Spanish rail companies seem to be very keen to invest in the UK and also create new and innovative trains for the British market.

  • Amey, which is a subsidiary of the Spanish public company Ferrovial is heavily involved in big projects all over the UK, including the South Wales Metro.
  • The train builder; CAF, is supplying lots of trains and coaches for UK operators and building a factory at Newport in South Wales.
  • Another train builder; Talgo, is on the short list to build the trains for High Speed Two and is proposing to open a factory at Longannet in Scotland and a research centre at Chesterfield

It does appear, that big Spanish companies see the UK as a place to do business.

In connection with the Longannet factory, there is a feature article about the factory in Issue 866 of Rail Magazine.

This is the last paragraph.

As for Brexit, which is known to be a concern for other firms, Talgo said in a statement that its plans were “Brexit-free”, claiming there is a huge potential UK market as well as export opportunities.

The article also says that Talgo need more manufacturing capacity and the brownfield Longannet site, with its space and excellent access by rail and sea, fits their needs.

I also suspect that manufacturing in Scotland will help them secure sales in important English-speaking markets for their innovative high speed trains.

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Spanish Practices

Is Santander getting rattled, as it has just launched a loan sale?

i don’t need a loan and if I did, I wouldn’t go any any Spanish bank! Especially, with all the Spanish practices at Gibraltar.

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Summing Up Gibraltar

Gibraltar to me, was a bit like a cross between an old-fashioned and well-kept British sea-side town and Hong Kong before the handover. although, the only thing Chinese I saw in Gibraltar was a couple of restaurants.

The real problem with Gibraltar on this trip was the weather, as it was atrocious after I’d got to the top of the Rock.

In fact, I’d once suggested to C, that we fly in my plane to Gibraltar, as I wanted to try out the unusual approach.  But she wasn’t keen and I think at the time, it would have meant a roundabout route to avoid Spanish airspace. So we went elsewhere!

So would I go back? I think the answer could be yes, if the right circumstances arose, such as being just over the Spanish border with a friend, who was driving.

But I doubt they will ever arise!

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Lady Moura

This super-yacht was docked in front of us.

Lady Moura

Lady Moura

It’s funny, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a yacht like this, owned by someone I respect.

Lady Moura is owned by Saudi businessman; Nasser Al-Rashid.

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Climbing The Rock Of Gibraltar

I didn’t walk up, as there is a cable car.

The views are fairly spectacular, but be warned, that there is only tourist attractions at the top and I needed some tissues and some chocolate and couldn’t buy them.

As you can see, I saw the Barbary macaques, but many who went up later in the rain didn’t, as just like us, they probably don’t like rain. The macaques are true monkeys and not apes.  Although unlike some species of monkeys they didn’t seem to be trying too hard to steal from and annoy visitors. I didn’t hear one human alarm call, whilst on the Rock.

Visiting the macagues is a very different wildlife experience, as you just walk around them, whilst both species observe the other.  I even saw a couple in the town below.

It was quite a long walk on the top of the Rock, but as it was generally downhill, I managed it. However, because of the rain and my rhinitis, I was having difficulty with maintaining a good pace.  Luckily, there were a few places to sit.

Eventually, I found a bus stop and got a bus back to the main bus terminal, from where I took a shuttle taxi back to Oriana.

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A Gibraltarian Surprise

If you asked me a month ago, which side of the road cars were driven, I’d have said that it would be the left like Britain.

Gibraltar Drives On The Right

Gibraltar Drives On The Right

As the picture shows, I was wrong and all cars are left-hand-drive and they drive on the right.

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The Worst Of British In Gibraltar

If there was a lot of good things from Britain, there were also some that I consider a bit tacky or down-market.

Quite a few of the shops would be familiar to British visitors and there was also a Morrisons supermarket by the docks.

There also didn’t seem to be too many shops selling the usual junk aimed at tourists. I bought nothing in Gibraltar except for a coffee.

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The Best Of British In Gibraltar

Gibraltar has lots of things that we would recognise as some of the best of British icons, standards and design.

I also liked the main shopping street, which was tidy and neat and reminded me of some of those shopping centres in seaside towns.  It was even a bit like how I remember Hamilton Road in Felixstowe in the 1960s.

It was certainly, a well signposted place and I must have counted six or more of the large street maps. To contrast, I’ve never seen one in Blackpool.

The Royal Gibraltar Police incidentally, are the second oldest force in the Commonwealth.

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The Evacuation Of The Gibraltarians

I knew little of the history of Gibraltar in the Sec0nd World War, although I did know little bits about its role in naval activities and as a place, where evading servicemen aimed for, to get back home.

But I knew nothing about, what happened to the people of the colony during the war.

As I walked towards the centre of town after landing, I noticed this statue on a roundabout.

It is called the Evacuation Of The Gibraltarians and there is more about the true story here in Wikipedia.

I feel, the story goes a long way to explain, why Gibraltarians want to determine their own future.

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