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Passing It On

I mentioned in this post, that my Aunt Gladys paid for our marriage licence, as I was totally skint, on condition that I passed it on.

Some years later in Ipswich in about 180, a young guy wrote to me asking for sponsorship for Operation Raleigh. I passed the loan from my Aunt on, adding a bit more, and I received a series of letters as he traversed the globe. I did say, that if he ever was a success to pass the loan on to another person, who’d make use of it.

then about seven or eight years ago, he found me on the Internet and said that the loan had been passed on again with the same conditions.

I should say, this is not the only chain I’ve started, but none have kept going so long.


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  1. […] Her likeness drawn by her husband and my uncle, sits and looks down at me, as I type this. She was good to me and C and even paid for our marriage licence, on condition I passed on the value to someone else. Which of course, I did! (I must write that story up some time!) I just did and it’s here. […]

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  2. I have done this a few times, it is very rewarding as you say. I am very careful though who I do it to. And never ever to people who repeatedly grumble to me about how poor they are – there is a middle aged couple I know who constantly ask people for money, often saying that “we were praying and God told us to come to see you and give you the opportunity to pay off a £2,000 debt we have”. They don’t get a penny out me. I dont give to active alcoholics or addicts either.

    Comment by Liz P | April 2, 2013 | Reply

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