The Anonymous Widower

The Right Attitude

Also in the diary in today’s copy of The Times, was this paragraph.

Gina Miller has just published a memoir and tell’s Spear’s magazine that opponents told her publisher that they were organising a mass burning of it.

This does not worry her. “It’s OK, they’ve got to buy the book first.” she says.

Never get angry with someone, who is paying you money, for which you are doing no extra physical or mental work!

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I’m Now Following The Queen’s Example

By Legend, the Queen never carries any cash.

I’m now deliberately following a similar policy, but I only use a contactless bank card for most of my daily purchases, like my paper and food.

I’ve even still got a couple of John Lewis vouchers gathering dust in my wallet, as sincve the new M & S Food opened in Dalston, I rarely go need a Waitrose.

One thing I find with M & S Food, is that on a typical purchase the average price is two pounds per item. So to keep under the thirty pound contactless limit, I rarely buy more than fourteen items. These unusually fit easily into usable bag.

Buying my paper in M & S or a station also means I can use contactless for the purchase.

A couple of days ago, I was approached by an aggressive tin rattler for a charity I would never suppose because of some of their practices. So I waved my card and asked. “Do you do conactless?” I got a smiling “Sorry! No!”

I still use cash for three purposes.

  • Restaurants with waiter/waitress service, so the tips go to the staff. It also means at busy times, in cafes I use a lot, I always get a table.
  • Black cabs, when I occasionally use one.
  • Personal services from local tradesmen, where the value is small. Otherwise it’s a bank transfer.

But it’s amazing, how little cash you now need.


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The Smart Money’s On Isis Destroying Itself

This is the headline on a serious piece in the Times by Ed Conway, which talks about Islamic State and there adoption of gold as their currency!

If you can get a copy of yesterday’s Times read it.

There’s more details here in Wikipedia.

Ed’s piece is a fascinating article and it shows how crazy these cruel male chauvinist pigs are!

I know we have problems with our current monetary standard, but no serious central banker or politician would suggest opting for a metal based currency.

I wonder what Islamic State think of bitcoins?


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Getting Rid Of Useless Foreign Currency

I travel a lot and the small change from my Icelandic holiday is annoying me, as is the monetary detritus from trips to Poland and Scandinavia.

So I have now collected it together, with all the Eurotrash with a value of less than a euro. The total weight is just under half a kilo.

But what to do with it? I searched and found this page, which has a lot of good ways to give it to charity.

I have the money, now I’ll make my choice!

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Gluten Free Beer And Pizza In Berlin

For supper, I ventured into the non-touristy parts of Berlin to Yorckstrasse station to have supper at  Cielo di Berlino,

It was a trip worth making.

Although it nearly did get embarrassing, as they didn’t take credit cards and much of my euros had been used up. Note that in Germany cash points don’t seem to be as numerous as they are in the UK.

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Cash Machines Behind Barriers

By now, I’d determined that I needed to get a taxi to my hotel and as luck would have it not only was my phone out of juice, but so was my wallet.

So as I needed money for the taxi, I needed a cash machine and where are both of these found? In a station! But as the picture shows the only ones I could find were behind the ticket barriers.

Cash Machines Behind Barriers

Cash Machines Behind Barriers

Luckily, I was let through and got the money for the taxi. As it was the driver didn’t take credit cards, so I definitely needed that cash.

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A New Excuse!

This morning I received a bill, that I had been expecting, so I paid it immediately.

I sent the company, an e-mail saying that the transfer was in cyberspace!

Is that a new version of the cheque is in the post?

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The Future Of Cash Machines

This article raises a few questions about cash machines and how they will look in the future.

I  don’t have a problem with the machines themselves, but increasingly over the last few years, I’ve had problems with the placement of a few machines, due to being unable to read them in the sun. And it’s not just cash machines, as this post shows.

I also have problems with some touch-screen technology.

And of course, if they insists on a smart phone in some way, they can forget it!

As they can, if I get charged to take out my money!

I think we’ll see the standard design last a few more years yet!

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A Multi-Currency Toilet

On my trip this morning I needed a pit-stop and as I had to surface at Green Park station to find of the maps, I used the excellent toilets there.

A Multi-Currency Toilet

A Multi-Currency Toilet

Note how the entrance gate sensibly accepts both pounds and euros. They’ve even put the instructions in a selection of languages.

A Multi-LingualToilet

A Multi-LingualToilet

We need to do more things like this, to make London as tourism-friendly as possible.

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Theft At Cash Machines On The Rise

This story says that thefts at cash machines are on the rise. I’ve never been targeted and I usually make sure I get my money out at machines I know well and often in the morning, as prejudice says that criminals always lie in bed as they drunk too much last night. I also often use a machine inside a branch of Nationwide, because there are comfortable seats there to sit down, whilst I sort it all out. This paragraph from the article is telling and shows how to use a stolen card to get cash.

The perpetrators used the card to lay £400 in bets at Ladbrokes and withdrew £240 in cash.

As someone, who once held a licence for a betting shop, I know the fiddles that go on in these places.

Incidentally, a fraud expect told me, that he’d analysed card thefts and subsequent withdrawals.  He felt that if customers used an easy pin like  1234, it was more likely to be discovered. My pin jumps about all over the place, so I hope if someone watches they can’t get it.

I have said before in this post, that I wish my bank statement gave me more information about my withdrawals, with perhaps the location of the cash machine. I think, if this was done, it would alert customers, that perhaps their card had been skimmed.

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