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Going To Hillsborough

The trip to Sheffield Wednesday didn’t start too well, as I got almost to the Angel on the bus to Kings Cross station, when I realised I’d forgot my pills.  It wouldn’t have been too important, if I’d not gone back, as I planned to be back in my house about nine in the evening with some food to cook for supper and I could take the drugs then.

But I decided to go back and get them and in the end I just made the 11:03 train to Leeds. I would change for Sheffield at Doncaster and take a train to Meadowhall, where after lunch, I’d take a tram to the ground.

The trip up was excellent in First Class on East Coast. It was also notable in that the service was excellent with copious amounts of tea in proper English china cups from Stoke-on-Trent.

Tea In A China Cup On East Coast

Tea In A China Cup On East Coast

We arrived on time at Doncaster and then it was one of the dreaded Pacers to Meadowhall.

If George Osborne wanted to buy votes, a large order for something like London Overground’s Class 172 to replace the Pacers would be an easy way to do it.

I did see the New Measurement Train or Flying Banana at Doncaster, which I’d seen a couple of years ago at Basingstoke.

The Flying Banana At Doncaster

The Flying Banana At Doncaster

There is an interesting difference in British and Japanese attitudes to names illustrated by the Flying Banana. The Japanese call their equivalent trains, Doctor Yellow.

I do wonder how many of the redundant Inter City 125’s will live on in this role. I wouldn’t be surprised if a couple even get exported to countries with long railway lines that need to be checked. After all to put the equipment in a brand-new train will be expensive, but to use a redundant and reliable diesel train, would be a lot cheaper. When checking overhead wires, I suspect that a diesel train may even have an advantage, as it doesn’t interact with the wires! And there aren’t many diesel trains that can do the testing at 200 kph!

Terry Miller’s iconic creation, never ceases to make fools of us all! But good engineering does that!

I had intended to go to Carluccio’s at Meadowhall for lunch, but after locating the restaurant after slaloming through, the hoards of obese people, who always seem haunt shopping centres, I was too short on time.  Often these people make matters worse by pushing equally obese children in enormous buggies.

So I resorted to Plan B and bought some gluten-free sandwiches and a still lemonade in Marks and Spencer. This store incidentally, is by the  bridge from the station, so is quick and easy to get to. One thing I noticed at Meadowhall is that they actually have proper Left Luggage lockers and lots of them.

Left Luggage Lockers At Meadowhall Station

Left Luggage Lockers At Meadowhall Station

So if you are going to an event like the football, Meadowhall is the place to unwanted bags (or babies), whilst you visit the city.

I did have one problem, as there was nowhere convenient to sit and eat my sandwiches.

The Tram Arrives At Meadowhall

The Tram Arrives At Meadowhall

This picture was taken as the tram arrived. Note the lack of seats. One of the London shopping centres has a garden, where you can sit in the sun. Eastfield certainly will have, as it is just a short walk to the Olympic Park. Meadowhall should provide something!

On my trip to Hillsborough, I didn’t see any seats at stops at all. Here’s the stop at Fitzalan Square.

Fitzalan Square Tram Stop

Fitzalan Square Tram Stop

Note the improvisation on the left. At least most stops seem to have proper information with a map. One unique thing I saw as I walked down from the tram to Hillsborough was this sign.

A Unique Sign

A Unique Sign

So often, you approach a strange ground and there are no obvious instructions as to which end of the ground you go. That excellent sign at Hillsborough must have cost an absolute fortune, otherwise why don’t other grounds have them?

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