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My Packing List

I’m off tomorrow on the 11:30 British Airways flight to Stockholm. I’ve booked a hotel for the first two nights and then it’s home on the train by way of Copenhagen, Hamburg, Amsterdam and Brussels, although the route might change, as I want to visit places I’ve not seen before.

I will be travelling light, in fact some would think ultra light and everything will have to go in my Mandarina Duck case.

My Mandarina Duck Case

My Mandarina Duck Case

It fits under the seat in front on the plane, even on a low-space airline, and I carry it in my left hand.

I don’t take much technology with me.

  • A Nikon CoolPix S8200
  • A spare SD card in my wallet, as I always leave the one I’m using in my computer
  • A simple Nokia phone
  • A Samsung Tab 2 7 tablet computer
  • Charging leads for camera, phone and tab. Why can’t they all have the same charger fitting?
  • Three simple Bic pens, as buying single ones is often difficult.
  • A small note book.
  • My Coaguchek device for testing my INR
  • My temperature and humidity meter.

My washbag contains the following.

  • A battery electric toothbrush
  • A small shoe-horn, courtesy of Agnes B.  Where it came from, I don’t know, as neither C or myself bought shoes there.  But it’s tiny, so it takes up little space.
  • My European plug adapter, as I always lose them and this is the best place to keep it.
  • A small pot of Vaseline
  • 20% more drugs, than I’ll need for the duration of the holiday

I buy a deodorant and toothpaste in Boots after passing through security at the Airport. That way, I avoid the security game that the great and good insist we play.

Clothes are something like.

  • Enough underpants and socks for the trip. usually that’s one per day, as if I run out or get some sort of lurgy, I can buy some more.
  • One or two spare shirts, often still in the wrapping, as that way they don’t get so creased in transit.
  • A jumper if required.

At this time of year, I generally don’t take a spare pair of trousers or shoes, but I might this time. If I need anything, I’ll buy them.  After all, it’s not as if I’m going somewhere where good shops aren’t around.

If I do take a pair of shoes, I make sure I pack them with something like underpants or socks.

Other things I always take include.

  • Four or five small packs of tissues.
  • Plenty of Sudokus printed from The Times.
  • Some EatNakd bars.
  • Some reading, which being Sunday, will be the comics from the paper.
  • A couple of small city guides for places I’m visiting

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  1. Sounds like you certainly know how to pack. We are in our 70s and for our recent 6 week trip to Europe decided to pretend we were young folks. We knew we didn’t want to deal with luggage on the trains. We each took a small backpack with 1 pair pants, 1 shirt, 1 pair underwear, 1 pair socks, 1 pair pajamas, a rain poncho, medicine, and toiletries. The clothing was quick dry and easy to wash. It all worked out well and it was such a relief to not have to deal with checking bags and hauling them around.

    Comment by Sue McCurdy | June 17, 2013 | Reply

    • Good for you! I still took too much,as I took a pair of proper shoes. One trick I’ve used s to go out in clothes past their wear-by date and bin them en route.

      I also stay in good hotels with a laundry service, if I’m staying a few days.

      I’ll be blogging my trip over the weekend.

      Comment by AnonW | June 21, 2013 | Reply

  2. […] All I want is a light square box with a comfortable handle.  My current Mandarina Duck bag is shown in My Packing List. […]

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