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This Could Be An Interesting Way To Spend An Evening In Stockholm!

When I went on my wiuldlife tour looking for Sweden’s Mammals, the actual trip was organised by a company called Wild Sweden.

They’ve just sent me an e-mail talking about a Five hour wildlife safari in the evening, starting from Stockholm Central Station. It isn’t cheap but it does include dinner by a camp fire.

If I find myself in Stockholm this summer, I’ll certainly give it a try.

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A Quiet Stockholm

Stockholm was rather dead to the world, as Barack Obama was visiting.

I did sit by the water in the sun and eat an ice cream.

At least the Police didn’t stop me walking around. Perhaps it’s a good time to visit a city, when Obama does?

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The Mary Rose And The Vasa Compared

In many ways comparing these two preserved ships is a bit like being asked to judge between two great actors, artists or musicians, who is the best.

In some ways to appreciate either, you must see the other one, as I have done in the last few weeks.

The Vasa is obviously more complete and in a better state, due to being a hundred or so years younger and being in the less destructive waters of the Baltic. Compare my pictures of the Vasa with those of the Mary Rose.

One big difference, is that when the Vasa sunk, it was almost an empty ship as it had not been fully victualled, whereas the Mary Rose was a ship full of supplies and artefacts, so it gives valuable insight into Tudor life. The two museums reflect this difference.

In some ways though it is best to almost consider the Vasa and the Mary Rose as two separate galleries in the same museum.  Add in HMS Victory and HMS Warrior, with perhaps a visit to HMS Belfast and you have an almost complete living history of warship design.

In some ways though, those that work on both the Mary Rose and the Vasa are very close and a lot of the preservation techniques have been used on both vessels. If we ever find and raise another ancient wooden ship, we probably have the knowledge and competence to show it to everyone’s advantage.

The design and architecture of both museums may also find applications in other areas of archaeology, where we need to show delicate items.

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Would I Go Back To Stockholm?

Most certainly! Yes! Although, I wouldn’t stay in the Stureplan Hotel again!

I’d probably try to get in Hotel Rival.  It looks like I can get a room at a reasonable price for a couple of weeks ahead.

The hotel also knows its gluten-free, as it appeared did most of Stockholm.

Perhaps next time I go, it’ll be a stop-over on the way to see the bears!

Everybody needs to go to Stockholm once, just to see the Vasa.

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From Stockholm To Copenhagen By Train

I left Stockholm for Copenhagen late in the morning.

The journey should have taken just over five hours but the train was half-an-hour late into the Danish capital. A hotel manager I spoke to, said that the trains are always late.  But I couldn’t find any published statistics, like you see on British stations.

The Stockholm to Copenhagen line is not very spectacular, except for the amazing crossing between Malmo and Copenhagen on the double-deck Øresund Bridge.

The Øresund Line, which is the high-speed rail line between Malmo and Copenhagen, illustrates some of the problems of running trains between different countries. This section called Border Technicalities in the Wikipedia article on the line, illustrates the problem. The electrification, signalling and train running systems are all different.

At least England and Scotland have the same systems and we’re vaguely the same as the French, Belgians and Germans, with respect to high-speed rail.

But then Ireland, including the North, use a different gauge.

The Swedish high speed train, called the SJ 2000, that I used on the journey has the luxury of running on 19th Century lines between Stockholm and Malmo, that were built relatively straight.  But it is not particularly fast, going at speeds comparable with our Inter City 125s from London to the West Country. Our trains are thirty years older and diesel powered, but comparisons like this illustrate how good was the design of the Inter City 125s.

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Fotografiska is Stockholm’s photographic museum. I like photography so I walked there from the station at Slussen. I must admit, I was drawn there by the adverts for a Helmut Newton exhibition all over the city.

Unfortunately, the city built a motorway, between the museum and the cliff face behind, so there are no buses.  One of the staff told me, that the city is redeveloping the area and hasn’t made up its mind about the transport in the area.

The various exhibits were fascinating, but the Helmut Newton exhibition also included some portraits of the famous, including a striking one of Margaret Thatcher, which is shown here. I also like this quote from Helmut Newton.

Nothing has been retouched, nothing electronically altered. I photographed what I saw.

It is a good rule for a photographer, that they shouldn’t break.

There was also a restaurant with views across the city on the top floor.  If I’d had more time, I’d have had lunch!

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An Inclined Lift

In one of the stations I passed through on the Stockholm Metro, there was an inclined lift.

An Inclined Lift

An Inclined Lift

Both Crossrail and the London Underground are installing some in the near future.

Hiss incidentally means lift and is easily remembered, if like me, you need the occasional pick-me-up.

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The Vasa Museum

One of the reasons, I went to Stockholm was to see the Vasa.

I first heard about the ship in my teens, when it was raised from the floor of Stockholm Harbour. The techniques of raising the ship were also detailed in the Meccano Magazine.

It will be interesting to see how the Vasa compares with the Mary Rose.

I must have spent about three hours wandering around the museum and afterwards I felt a lot better, as the humidity in the museum was about 60% to keep the ship [preserved.

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A Walk And A Taste Of Stockholm

After  checking out the tickets, I went for a walk with lunch thrown in using my Walk and Eat Guide.

The pictures tell the story of the walk.

I actually had lunch in Cafe Rival, which is in the hotel of the same name. Again there was gluten-free bread.  I think, if I go to Stockholm again, I’ll try the Hotel Rival first.

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Buying My Ticket To Copenhagen

The Swedish ticket machines appeared to be very comprehensive, but trying to buy the ticket to Copenhagen was very difficult, so in the end I queued up and bought it from a person, who was very helpful and spoke English better than myself.

Swedish Ticket Machines

Swedish Ticket Machines

My first problem, was that like the touch screens in IKEA at Edmonton, my fingers had the wrong dampness to make them work. But by changing to another machine, I was able to work the system.

Then I found the problem, that turned me towards buying a ticket from a person.  Although, I was using the machine in English, the place names were still in Swedish.  How many of those who speak English as a first language, know how to spell Copenhagen in Swedish.

I’ve always felt that every town or city, should only have one name and those that live there should choose it. That way, we would probably all know the town names that didn’t confuse.

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