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If Ed Miliband Can’t Run The Labour Party, How Could He Run The Country?

After reading stories like this one about candidate selection in Falkirk, the question in the title of this post has to be asked.

Especually after he has had to call in the Police, to sort the mess out.

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BBC Puts 3D On Hold

The BBC is finding that the public is losing their attitude for 3D programming,according to this article. Here’s the first two paragraphs.

The BBC is to suspend 3D programming for an indefinite period due to a “lack of public appetite” for the technology.

Kim Shillinglaw, the BBC’s head of 3D, said it has “not taken off” with audiences who find it “quite hassly”.

I’ve only ever watched one thing in 3D, which was a presentation at CERN. I tend to think of 3D as an unnecessary gimmick.

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Is It Cheaper To Use An Out Of London Dentist?

I’ve gone to the same dentist in Felixstowe off and on for nearly thirty years. I don’t have any specific problems, but I felt that because of this long and excellent experience, that it would be best for me to return, as my previous dentist in London has sold his business and retired.

Today it cost me £33.25 for the First Class ticket to Felixstowe and the private check-up was £18.  That was all I spent, although when I visited my London dentist, I usually treated myself to lunch in Carluccio’s round the corner from his surgery.

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Progress On The Bacon Factory Curve

I went to Felixstowe today, to see my dentist. After changing at Ipswich, I was able to get some pictures of work on the new chord allowing freight trains leaving the Felixstowe branch to go straight towards Stowmarket, Ely and Cambridge. More details are given here.

I must say the pictures were better than last time I tried as the Class 153; Benjamin Britten, seemed to have had its windows cleaned.

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Walking Round Broadstairs

I don’t remember Broadstairs much from my childhood, although I did recognise a house that was in a similar style to the one where my uncle lived.  But his house seemed to have been replaced with a modern one.

We did walk along the beach and I had a pretty good lunch and some beers, which was the object of going to the town.

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They’re Filling The Big Hole At Kings Cross

I took these pictures from South Eastern’s platform 13 at St. Pancras of the new Kings Cross development. The last time, I looked at it, it was just a big hole.

Judging by the developer’s web site, it will be some place.

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The Beach Comes To St. Pancras

I took this picture at St. Pancras station yesterday on my way to Broadstairs.

The Beach Comes To St. Pancras

The Beach Comes To St. Pancras

There didn’t appear to be a spare deck-chair.

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Testing My INR On A Hot Day

The temperature in my house is 29.1 °C and as I had one test strip left in the current batch, I used it to test my INR,this afternoon when I came in from the heat outside.

The value was 2.3, which is only a little bit lower than the 2.6, it was this morning, when I took my daily check, the values of which are here.

Obviously, one test doesn’t give a conclusive result, but despite the heat, my INR has probably only changed within the limits of experimental error.

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Margaret Thatcher Day

The BBC is reporting that some Tory MPs want the August Bank Holiday to be renamed Margaret Thatcher Day in honour of the late former Prime Minister.

I think that not everything about Mrs. Thatcher was either good or bad but even if I was a massive supporter, I would not want to see the renaming.

Renaming the day would set a very dangerous precedent and every interest group would want a day named after their hero, so the arguments would go on ad infinitum, when there are more pressing problems facing the country.

But then most politicians don’t know a bad idea, when they see it!

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