The Anonymous Widower

Going North And Going South

These two paintings were on display in the Nation Railway Museum at York.

The artist was George Earl and the paintings are mentioned in his Wikipedia entry.

I found the paintings notable, as there were certainly Red Irish, English and Gordon Setters in the paintings.  There could also have been Red and White Irish Setters too!

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Green Arrow At York

I didn’t know any of the Class V2 were still in existence.

Green Arrow At York

Green Arrow At York

But Green Arrow seemed to be in pretty good condition. I can remember them working out of Kings Cross in the early 1950s to places like Hull and Lincoln.

According to Wikipedia it might be scheduled to be returned to working condition. Although not as glamorous as the A4 Pacifics, it is the sole survivor of a class of locomotive, that proved influential in keeping the railways running during the Second World War.

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In The Workshop

These are photos, I took in the workshop.

Flying Scotsman cuts a very sorry state in the back row.

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There Were Crowds At York

To say the crowds at York were big would be an understatement,as you can see from the previous post.

These pictures were taken outside. Bear in mind that I timed my trip to get there as the museum opened.

But at least my only cost was getting to York, as the entry to the National Railway Museum was free.

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Engineering Pornography At York

I went to the National Railway Museum today to see the Mallard 75 event or the Great Gathering as it is named by some.

Here are some pictures.

Sadly only three of the six  iconic A4 Pacifics designed by Sir Nigel Gresley are still capable of steaming.

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