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Grand Central Up And East Coast Down

I went up to York on Grand Central in First and came back down in Second on East Coast.

As you can see, both trains were forty-year-old InterCity 125s.

First Class on Grand Central might have been affordable at £49.50 and it was a convenient train in that it got there just before the museum opened, but it was a very poor offering. I got an uncomfortable seat with a narrow table in a group of four and the only refreshment I had was two cups of tea.

Coming back I’d booked an open Off Peak ticket at £32.00, so I could come back at a convenient time.

I managed to get a more comfortable window seat in a group of four, with a bigger table than I had on the way up. The train seemed to be fairly newly refurbished and was probably in better condition, than it had been in all of its long life. The trolley came through twice and I bought just a bottle of water.

Both trains were on time.

It is interesting to compare these two journeys with the Copenhagen to Hamburg trip I did recently in a diesel German ICE TD.

I was in First on the German train and the seat was marginally more comfortable, than that of the seat in Second on my journey home yesterday. I also had a bigger table. But the ride was no better on the newer German train, which incidentally tilts, and there was nothing to choose between the views through the wide windows on both trains.

But the real problem on the German train, was the total lack of a decent drinks service.  The trolley on East Coast was much better. But I have feeling that the layout of German ICE trains effectively rules out a trolley. food on all three journeys didn’t include anything that was gluten-free, but that is coming if my taste of Virgin is anything to go by.

I doubt I’ll be travelling on Grand Central again, and certainly never in First. Unless I have no choice!

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Multi-Lingual Signs At The NRM

The Keep Off signs were in three languages.

Multi-Lingual Signs The NRM

Multi-Lingual Signs At The NRM

But then there seemed to be a lot of foreign visitors. I was talking to a couple of Germans by the two paintings in this post.

A guide told me, that some visitors had come all the way from New Zealand

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Going North And Going South

These two paintings were on display in the Nation Railway Museum at York.

The artist was George Earl and the paintings are mentioned in his Wikipedia entry.

I found the paintings notable, as there were certainly Red Irish, English and Gordon Setters in the paintings.  There could also have been Red and White Irish Setters too!

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Green Arrow At York

I didn’t know any of the Class V2 were still in existence.

Green Arrow At York

Green Arrow At York

But Green Arrow seemed to be in pretty good condition. I can remember them working out of Kings Cross in the early 1950s to places like Hull and Lincoln.

According to Wikipedia it might be scheduled to be returned to working condition. Although not as glamorous as the A4 Pacifics, it is the sole survivor of a class of locomotive, that proved influential in keeping the railways running during the Second World War.

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There Were Crowds At York

To say the crowds at York were big would be an understatement,as you can see from the previous post.

These pictures were taken outside. Bear in mind that I timed my trip to get there as the museum opened.

But at least my only cost was getting to York, as the entry to the National Railway Museum was free.

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Engineering Pornography At York

I went to the National Railway Museum today to see the Mallard 75 event or the Great Gathering as it is named by some.

Here are some pictures.

Sadly only three of the six  iconic A4 Pacifics designed by Sir Nigel Gresley are still capable of steaming.

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