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Walking Around Windsor

It’s been a long time, since I’d been to Windsor.

The weather was lovely and it made for a very pleasant day, walking amongst memories of the times I had spent in the town with C and other friends like a guy from Liverpool University, who lived in the town.

If you decide to go, it might be better to choose a rainy day and certainly a train journey might be less stressful. The only problem with the train I took from Waterloo, was the lack of toilets, which was compounded by long queues to access the station toilets at Windsor and Eton Riverside station.

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It’s Not A New Train

This may look like a new train, but it’s just a well refurbished one!

The story of the refurbishment of these Class 455 trains is detailed here in Wikipedia. It includes this comment.

This refurbishment was so comprehensive that many passengers thought the refurbished units were new trains.

But refurbishment of trains is something we do well in this country. And there are lots of similar trains built like these Class 455, running all over the UK.  Some like the Class 317 are already being earmarked for full refurbishment and upgrading.

So don’t despair that the old rattletraps on your line are beyond improvement.  Some designer or engineer has ideas for your trains. Whether they will get done is up to the Treasury, which is not a real bastion of hard core engineering and design.

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