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No Directions To Kings Cross Square

I took a Piccadilly line train to Kings Cross today, from where I got a 30 bus to my home.

But there were no signs to the Kings Cross Square and the buses that stop alongside.

The interchange is working well and if I’m coming home on a Piccadilly line train say from Heathrow, I now surface at Kings Cross station and get a 30 bus home or a 73 to the Angel, where I change at the same stop to the 38 for home. It solves the problems of the lack of Underground stations in my area of Hackney.

This interchange will get better, when the second entrance to the Underground opens and the bus routes in the area are improved. The 390 for instance is getting New Buses for London.

Today, the big light was on too, so I was able to bathe in its warmth, as I waited for my bus.

Obviously, not everybody has an energy problem!

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  1. When leaving the Piccadilly line at Kings Cross, one should ALWAYS go via the exit marked “Northen Line” as that goes almost straight up to the station (not quite as direct as it was before they closed the entrance/exit in the piazza) rather than being directed down a huge long corridor to St Pancras, up stairs and back across the road to KX. Similarly entry to Piccadilly line.
    The other similar trick I learn off the web (and tried it out timing myself) is that it is still quicker/less walking to change Piccadilly to Victoria at Green park by going the old route up to boooking office level and down again.
    Not forgetting in evenings at Holborn it is quicker/easier to enter Piccadilly Westbound by going the wrong way down the platform exit stairs when the barrier is open.
    Amazing read about capacity of escalators at

    Comment by Mike Jay | October 24, 2013 | Reply

  2. There are some stations, I avoid like the plague, often surfacing and taking a bus. Kings Cross is one, Euston is another, and no real Londoners ever use Green Park.

    The Kings Cross Square sign-age is important, as I suspect people will agree to meet there. Especially, when It’s sunny and the coffee bar is open.

    Comment by AnonW | October 26, 2013 | Reply

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