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Tortillas From Kings Cross Square

If you are arriving at Kings Cross station and feel a little peckish, it is often worthwhile to check out the offerings in Kings Cross Square in front of the station.

I found these delicious gluten-free tortillas last week.

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The Kiosks In Kings Cross Square

When I wrote this post in February 2013, I said this about the architect’s job.

Note the short fat tower to the left of the centre of the picture. This must be the top of some sort of shaft and if you look it is also in the design of the new piazza. I bet the architects are cursing it, very loudly!

Today, I took these pictures, which show two kiosks for drinks and snacks.

The architects seem to have defeated the short fat towers.


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Praise For Kings Cross From Down Under

One of my Internet alerts is for Kings Cross Square and I picked up this article praising the area from the Sydney Morning Herald web site.

Afterwards, Australian visitors, will only need to go to Highgate Cemetery to feel at home.

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No Directions To Kings Cross Square

I took a Piccadilly line train to Kings Cross today, from where I got a 30 bus to my home.

But there were no signs to the Kings Cross Square and the buses that stop alongside.

The interchange is working well and if I’m coming home on a Piccadilly line train say from Heathrow, I now surface at Kings Cross station and get a 30 bus home or a 73 to the Angel, where I change at the same stop to the 38 for home. It solves the problems of the lack of Underground stations in my area of Hackney.

This interchange will get better, when the second entrance to the Underground opens and the bus routes in the area are improved. The 390 for instance is getting New Buses for London.

Today, the big light was on too, so I was able to bathe in its warmth, as I waited for my bus.

Obviously, not everybody has an energy problem!

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Is Milan Station Doing A Kings Cross?

Milan Centrale station is a very grand affair.

But it would appear that the square in front is getting a makeover similar to that at Kings Cross in London.

On the other hand a lot of squares in Italy use different coloured marble and other stone for effect. So perhaps it’s Kings cross that is the copy.

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Kings Cross Station In The Morning

As I left Kings Cross station at around eight this morning, I got a good view of the station and the square in front, in the morning light.

The morning is always the best time.

Although, as I returned tonight, the floodlit station looked even more magnificent.

What was the train to Norwich doing in the station?

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All The Fun Of The Fair

The fair in Kings Cross Square was going well, when I visited this morning.

Do we need more open spaces like this, to put on events? Of course!

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Let The Fun Begin

Kings Cross Square is hosting a party over the weekend.

It looks like it could be a good party.

I was pleased to see the area clean, so early in the morning.  there has been a report saying on the day it opened it was rather litter strewn.

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Smoking In Kings Cross Square

As an experienced police officer said, when I visited earlier in the day, you have to give people somewhere to smoke, until the habit dies out.

One of the East Coast crew, I talked to, said that there should be an area for non-smokers.

But perhaps the most amazing comment I heard, was from a man, who actually asked one of the cleaners in the square, would she mind if he smoked.

I don’t know whether he did, but he had asked the question in a very sheepish manner.

So does an efficient cleaning team, waiting to pounce on a dog end, make smokers feel guilty?

I think it will be very difficult to predict if smoking is allowed in the square in say five years time.

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The New Waiting Room At Kings Cross Station

I returned to Kings Cross Square to take a few more pictures.

It would appear that the public has got the hang of the new square and is using it as a waiting room.

Everybody seemed very happy with the square and the sunshine.

One of the East Coast crew jokingly moaned about the lack of anybody selling ice cream. But who’d have thought that they’d be selling ice cream in front of Kings Cross station. They don’t yet, but the area today was a good sun-trap.

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