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Two Stories From Liverpool

I don’t go into betting shops these days, except in a High Street, when I need to use the toilet, as most good betting shops, have ones that are clean and well-kept.

So when I see that Liverpool is thinking of banning fixed-odds betting machines in shops as reported in the Liverpool Post, it won’t affect me.  But I do think, that allowing these money grabbers into shops, was a very backward step for life in general.

The other story is very progressive and the BBC is reporting that Merseyrail will allow contactless payments all over its network.

This should happen everywhere and on buses too!

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  1. […] It just goes to show how I think that London is going the right way and I think they’ll come a time, when a contactless bank or credit card is the standard method of buying a bus, tram, metro or train ticket all over the world. Her city of Liverpool is already planning to introduce the system on trains. […]

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