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A Second Lazy Fish Pie

I said in this post, where I cooked Lindsey Bareham’s Emmental and Spinach Fish Pie, that I msde two and put one in the freezer. I cooked it for supper tonight.

A Second Lazy Fish Pie

A Second Lazy Fish Pie

It froze and cooked well and tasted no different to the first one. It really is a truly lazy fish pie, as Lindsey says.

This is very lazy fish pie. No sauce, just grated Emmental, a fillet of fish per person, spinach, mashed potato and more cheese. The mash is enriched with beaten egg so it holds its shape and crisps as it bakes. For more or less servings adjust the ingredients in proportion.

I shall be cooking this one again. They are probably best cooked in pairs, as fish seem to be packaged that way in supermarkets, so with me, it’s one for now an d one for the freezer. I will probably cook haddock one week and salmon or cod the next.

I can’t cook more than two at a time, as my mixing bowl isn’t big enough to cook more spinach than is needed to two pies.

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