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A Second Lazy Fish Pie

I said in this post, where I cooked Lindsey Bareham’s Emmental and Spinach Fish Pie, that I msde two and put one in the freezer. I cooked it for supper tonight.

A Second Lazy Fish Pie

A Second Lazy Fish Pie

It froze and cooked well and tasted no different to the first one. It really is a truly lazy fish pie, as Lindsey says.

This is very lazy fish pie. No sauce, just grated Emmental, a fillet of fish per person, spinach, mashed potato and more cheese. The mash is enriched with beaten egg so it holds its shape and crisps as it bakes. For more or less servings adjust the ingredients in proportion.

I shall be cooking this one again. They are probably best cooked in pairs, as fish seem to be packaged that way in supermarkets, so with me, it’s one for now an d one for the freezer. I will probably cook haddock one week and salmon or cod the next.

I can’t cook more than two at a time, as my mixing bowl isn’t big enough to cook more spinach than is needed to two pies.

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Where Now For The New Bus for London?

This post was prompted, when I found this post on Leon Daniel’s blog.  It was this paragraph that caught my eye.

The buses have also been busy promoting British technology at home and abroad. After leaving the USA, LT1 journeyed to Bogota after which it will head to the Far East. Another vehicle is already doing similar duties in Europe and a third vehicle is likely to be added to the tour. Wherever they go they attract huge attention and continue to promote Britain and British industry.

It’s an interesting itinerary!

Couple this sort of story with the news last week about LT100 appearing in Ipswich and it does appear there is a strong move to sell the buses more widely.

Remember though that WrightBus have sold a lot of buses to the Far East in places like Hong Kong and Singapore.

The New Bus for London is also not built like most other buses and coaches, which makes it easy to assemble from a kit of parts with most of the body made locally. Hong Kong and Singapore have got their previous Wright buses this way. I speculated on a New Bus for Hong Kong in May 2012.

These buses are almost like a kit of parts, that can be assembled in many ways.

But surely, one of the biggest selling points of the bus, is that each operator can rebrand them as they want.  Will we see a New Bus for Ipswich?

And don’t forget that London’s red buses have always been fashionable and extremely cool. Were bendy buses ever that?

I do think we’ll see one big change on New Buses for London in a few years. Hybrid buses, like the New Bus for London, use a lot of batteries, that need to be changed every few years. I suspect these will be replaced by some form of mechanical energy storage device like a flywheel. There’s something about the testing of this type of technology here.

To my untrained brain, I think that the distributed nature of the power train on the New Bus for London, where the various parts are positioned around the bus, lends itself to the replacement of the batteries by a flywheel. The batteries are under the front stairs and the engine is under the back stairs, with the electric motors in the rear wheel hubs.

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Did Nelson Mandela Cause Underground Problems?

This notice was displayed in Bond Street station today.

Did Nelson Mandela Cause Underground Problems?

Did Nelson Mandela Cause Underground Problems?

In its own way this humble notice is a tribute to the former South African President and his popularity and legacy.

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Proceeding Along Oxford Street

I took the 390 to the vicinity of Bond Street station, so I could get a Central line train to Liverpool Street station for my train to Ipswich for the football.

It was rather a round about route from my home, but the pictures show what a good camera platform a New Bus for London is.

Note the crowds at the X-shaped crossing at Oxford Circus, which is a very busy area.

I prefer my idea for an elevated walkway, as I proposed here.

I think that in a few years time, we’ll think that running through shopping streets like Oxford Street, will be one of the best places for New Buses for London.

They will make a good window shopping vehicle for the lazy or a simple way to check out which shops you are going to visit. So you can do that on all double-deck buses, but New Buses for London are a much better viewing platform.

Loading buses with passengers on Oxford Street and similar shopping streets, is often a frustrating and slow process, but the three doors and two staircases should speed it up and hasten those wanting to get out of the area on their way.

But the biggest advantage of the New Buses for London, is that you can enter with a baby in a buggy or heavy parcels, though the middle door, swiping your card as you go. This will be a lot easier, than fighting in at the front.


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New Buses for London On The Euston Road

The route 390 from Archway to Notting Hill Gate from this morning is using New Buses for London.

These pictures were taken on the Euston Road, in the vicinity of Kings Cross and St. Pancras stations, which now have a bus to compliment their own good design.

If you wan t to go in the Archway direction, you will just walk onto Kings Cross Square and pick up the bus along Euston Road.  To go to Oxford Street and Notting Hill Gate, you need to cross the road.

I think that when they’ve finished the building work, it will be a lot better than it is at present.

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Looking For Some Brass Knobs

I have lots of these IKEA Expedit drawers and cupboards.

IKEA Expedit Drawer

IKEA Expedit Drawer

As my house has chocolate brown steel beams with brass details, I’d like to replace these knobs with brass ones of a similar form.

Does anybody know someone, who could anodise me about four dozen in brass?

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Giving A Bank A Cyber Kicking When Its Down

RBS and its subsidiary NatWorst are getting attacked by hackers according to this report in the Guardian. Here’s the bank’s description of the problems and their explanation of what happened.

The bank said its systems had been deliberately targeted: “Due to a surge in internet traffic deliberately directed at the NatWest website, customers experienced difficulties accessing some of our customer websites today.

But the outcome is the same as ever and customers couldn’t use the web sites.

I blame some hackers, who have a vested interest in RBS going bust.

Perhaps they’re another wunch of bankers, who have hedged the share price!

Will the last customer to leave RBS/Natworst please close their browser!

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