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The Bilbao Metro

The Bilboa Metro is only about twenty years old, so it still has a new feel about it.

Note the name of fosterito in tribute to Norman Foster, who designed a lot of the architecture. Read more about the design of the Metro here.

I can’t understand why I’ve never seen fosteritos on other Metro systems, as they work superbly, as covers for the up and down escalators. They also stand out from a distance and act as locators for the stations.

I liked it except for a couple of small points.

I like to surf down handrails with one hand for safety and this was difficult, as the hand rail supports tended to catch my hand. The DLR is the same in places.

I also had some trouble with buying the Barik card, which is their version of London’s Oyster.  I needed cash, as the system didn’t seem to work with any of my cards.

All Metro, tram and bus systems, should be like London’s buses and accept any bank card with a touch ability.

This is one thing that will happen worldwide.

The biggest advantage is that to top up my Barik card, I was constantly using up small change and notes, as I explored the city. With a bank card as a ticket, all you need to do is make sure you’ve credit available.

One piece of trivia for a pub quiz, is that the Bilbao metro map, must be the only non-UK map, with an English town shown as a destination. Look at the map in the pictures and you’ll see a ship labelled Portsmouth.

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