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Up The Artxanda Funicular

The Zubizuri bridge leads to the Artxanda Funicular, which takes you up for views of the city.

There wasn’t much to do at the top, except admire the view, but I suspect in summer, the cafe and a lot more besides is open.

But I did feel very much better at the toip and I was breathing well.

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The Zubizuri Bridge

The Zubizuri bridge links the two banks of the River Nervión.

It seems that these white bridges are becoming fairly numerous.

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Bilbao Cathedral

Bilbao Cathedral was closed on the Monday.

But I did get a chance to see it on the Tuesday before I left.

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A Bathroom For Flirts?

I took these two pictures in the Silken Gran Dominie hotel.

C would have loved this, it gives endless opportunities for discrete displays of flesh to your partner.

She could be an exuberant flirt at times.

I remember one incident, where in a hotel in Berlin with a two-star Michelin restaurant, she’d secretly put the full set of underwear with stockings on for our mutual enjoyment. She was demure to everyone in a silk suit and I knew nothing of any surprise, until she returned from the loo, felt for my hand under the table and put a small scrap of fabric into my grasp.

The small scrap of fabric was her knickers.

She was then unduly slow with the rest of the meal!

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What better name is there for a bus terminus, than Termibus.



Surprisingly, Termibus in Bilbao, would appear to be the only place the name is used.

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Cafe Liverpool In Bilbao

I stopped here for a coffee by the cathedral, as anybody with a connection to my university city would.

Cafe Liverpool In Bilbao

Cafe Liverpool In Bilbao

It’s funny, but how many English cities would be used for the name of a hotel or cafe in Europe? The only common one other than London seems to be Bristol, but that is probably because a Marquis put himself about a bit!

The coffee was good though!

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The Bilbao Tram

The Bilbao Tram runs from the older part of the town, along the River Nervión, past the Guggenheim Museum and then on to the bus terminal and the northern parts of the city.

It uses the same Barik card as the Metro, but be warned you can only add money to the card using a credit card at Metro stations. They are also the only place you can buy a card.

I would also stay in a hotel close to the tram, as it is such a convenient way to get around the major sights in the centre of the city.

Although the tram stop is at the Guggenheim, you need to climb up and down a lot of steps to get to the main entrance.  Or you can do what I did and go in the disabled entrance by the river!

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Bilbao’s Heritage Signs

I would assume that this is a sign, which gives information about Bilbao’s heritage.

Bilbao's Heritage Signs

I can make a guess at reading Spanish, although the only thing I can read here, is that it is about a convent from the seventeenth century.

But then if Bilbao wants to attract more visitors, it really must improve its maps and information.

I know it’s all very political, but how many foreign visitors to the area, can speak the local language?

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Cast Iron Traffic Light Posts

I suppose given Bilbao’s history of iron and steel, these were to be expected.

But they are better than your usual plain ones.

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The Guggenheim In The Evening Sun

I took these pictures as the sun was playing with the shapes and textures of the Guggenheim Museum.

In my view you can’t take too many.

but it is that sort of building, even if it is full of rubbish.

The Puppy seems to do a good jib as a guardian.

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