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Pudding Mill Lane Station – 21st April 2014

This weekend is the big weekend for the new Pudding Mill Lane station on the Docklands Light Railway. I took these pictures on the trains to and from Ipswich yesterday.

It is slated to open on Monday the 28th. Nothing I’ve seen or heard makes me think that this date won’t be kept to create one of the main entry stations for the Olympic Park.

The old station was just about visible.  Soon everything will be being Crossrail‘s ubiquitous blue hoardings to allow the tunnel portal and its links to the Great Eastern Main line to be built.

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A Slow Train From Shenfield

My train back from Ipswich was a stopping one and stopped at Shenfield, before crawling its way to the next stop at Stratford.

So I got a good look at all the stations in between and I think it is true to say, that for many Crossrail can’t come soon enough.

A lot of the stations have simple staircases with no lifts to provide access between the platforms and the street.

At least though the improvements that are programmed, can be done to a convenient schedule without waiting for the main tunnels to be fitted out and the arrival of the new trains.

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Do Cats Like Mark 3 Carriages?

I took this picture of a smug cat in his cage on the train to Ipswich.

Do Cats Like Mark 3 Carriages?

Do Cats Like Mark 3 Carriages?

I didn’t get a reply to my question.

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The East End Dogsbody Who Got To Shoot The Queen

David Bailey is a real East Ender, who started as a studio dogsbody at £3.50 a week.

This morning, the papers are all showing the photograph he has taken of the Queen.

The picture is shown here in the Telegraph. Here’s a small extract about fom the accompanying text.

The pair are said to have got on famously during the photoshoot, which took place at the palace in March.

Bailey, 76, said: “I’ve always been a huge fan of the Queen. She has very kind eyes with a mischievous glint. I’ve always liked strong women and she is a very strong woman.”

I have a feeling that this image will be one of the lasting ones of the only British Queen most of us will ever know.

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Should Hornsey Road Station Be Reopened?

London’s Overground is an undoubted success and those in charge at Transport for London, must be like children, who’ve just been given a brand new train set for Christmas, as they think of ways to improve the network.

They are not short of suggestions and this article in the Islington Gazette, suggests reopening Hornsey Road station, which was closed in 1943.

Whether this station reopens or not is open to speculation, but other candidates on the Overground that are also in the minds of either TfL, activists or politicians include.

1. Junction Road would link the Northern line to the Gospel Oak to Barking line.

2. Maiden Lane behind the development at Kings Cross Central on the North London line.

If I was being selfish, I’d like them to reopen Mildmay Park station, as it would be my shortest walk to the North London line.

The only certainty is that in ten and again in twenty years time, the London Overground map will look very different.

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Affordable Football At Watford For £15

Today, Ipswich play a home match against Bournemouth and the match will cost me a proportion of my season ticket and the rail fare. The minimum that I could do this for, is probably about forty-five pounds, although I pay more for better seats in the ground and on the train.

But on Saturday at Watford, my Senior Visitors ticket cost me just fifteen pounds, as transport to Watford was free, as Watford High Street station is accessible using my Freedom Pass.

So next season, when Ipswich are away in somewhere unattractive or inaccessible like Middlesbrough, Blackburn, Blackpool or Yeovil, I might look to see which teams are playing in London and buy myself an affordable away ticket, as often these are very reasonably-priced, judging by some of the tickets that I’ve bought this season.

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