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Crossrail’s Pudding Mill Lane Portal – 29th October 2018

Crossrail’s Pudding Mill Lane portal now appears to be substantially complete.

These pictures were taken from the Stratford-bound platform of Pudding Mill Lane DLR station and a train that had just left the station for Stratford.

It is an impressive structure.

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From The Greenway To Stratford International Station

These are pictures, I took whilst walking and riding from the ~Old Ford Recycling Centre on the Greenway to Stratford station.


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Crossrail Works Around Pudding Mill Lane Station

I took these pictures as I went through the area on a TfL Rail train to Shenfield and then later, when I took a DLR train!

The Crossrail tunnel portal is now recognisable as two holes leading into the ground.

They appear to be building something over the top of the tunnel just before it goes under the water and on into London. Could this be a ventilation shaft?

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Pudding Mill Lane Portal – 17th April 2015

Crossrail’s Stratford Portal is where the surface section of the line to Shenfield enters the tunnel to go to Whitechapel and all the stations to the west. This is a Google Earth image of the works at the tunnel portal.

Crossrail's Stratford Portal

Crossrail’s Stratford Portal

A ramp is being built to and from the Great Eastern Main Line to connect the Crossrail tracks to those of the main line. This picture shows how Pudding Mill Lane station will look, when everything is complete.

Pudding Mill Lane Station

Pudding Mill Lane Station

The Crossrail tracks are shown in yellow and the DLR ones in blue.

These pictures of the area were taken from Pudding Mill Lane station or a DLR train.

The station is certainly a good place to go to see the works going on here.

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Pudding Mill Lane Station – 24th October 2014

Crossrail claim, that the Pudding Mill Lane DLR station, is the first one they have delivered.

It is certainly impressive, with a high level of attention to detail.

Note in the pictures the retaining wall for the Crossrail lines disappearing into the ground at the station to go under London. Apparently, the piling rig being used is one of the biggest in the world.

I did like the idea of using wooden rather than steel posts to prevent vehicle entry,! Especially, as they are worthless to scrap metal thieves.

It does look that this DLR station will be the place in Central London, where you will take kids of all ages to see the new Crossrail trains running.

It is also interesting to look at the architect’s drawings and pictures for the station.


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The DLR’s Superb New Station

The new Pudding Mill Lane station has now opened.

It is not fully open yet, as the lifts need to be tested and approved.  But otherwise it is a station of which everyone can be proud. I think it is another example of how architects are creating quite a few new quality train and bus stations.

Note how the old station is now almost gone to allow Crossrail to emerge from underneath London.

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Pudding Mill Lane Station – 21st April 2014

This weekend is the big weekend for the new Pudding Mill Lane station on the Docklands Light Railway. I took these pictures on the trains to and from Ipswich yesterday.

It is slated to open on Monday the 28th. Nothing I’ve seen or heard makes me think that this date won’t be kept to create one of the main entry stations for the Olympic Park.

The old station was just about visible.  Soon everything will be being Crossrail‘s ubiquitous blue hoardings to allow the tunnel portal and its links to the Great Eastern Main line to be built.

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Not Long Now For The New Pudding Mill Lane Station

The Wharf is reporting that the Stratford top Bow Church section of the DLR will be closed over the weekend.

The DLR has is not running between Stratford and Bow Church from Friday 18 April until Friday 25 April due to Crossrail works at Pudding Mill Lane.

The completion next week will see the opening of the new Puddling Mill Lane station, 100metres from the original.

So it looks like it won’t be long before access to the Olympic Park, the Greenway and the ViewTube is a lot easier.

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Pudding Mill Lane Station – 17th March 2014

I’ve taken a lot of views of this new station from the existing Pudding Mill Lane station, but these views are from the other side.

It is quite a large station and I assume that is because it will be used as one of the main entrances to the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

Wikipedia says it will open in April 2014.

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Reflected In The New Pudding Mill Lane Station

I took these pictures today of passing trains reflected in the new Pudding Mill Lane station.

It’s only a few months off being finished.

I had to laugh as a London guide was telling his charges it is the new Crossrail station.

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