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Taxis, Taxis Everywhere, But Not One To Hire

On Wednesday London’s taxi divers staged a protest again Uber. I was in the area, so I took a few pictures.

There have been reports that Uber benefited from the protest.

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Passport Delays

I renewed my passport in March this year and my new one came about a week or so after I gave the forms in for checking at my local Post Office. So there ewasn’t any delay then, at least as far as I was concerned.

My renewal wasn’t simple either, as my name was being changed from that on my birth certificate to that that I have on my credit cards, bank account and use on the Internet.

But it still was one of the fastest renewals I’ve ever had.

So how come, there are now severe delays in getting a new passport.

There has been one major change in the intervening period.

The economy has got a lot better and unemployment has got lower. So just how many people who are feeling optimistic have decided to take a holiday and as they haven’t been able to for a couple of years, have found that their passport has expired. Or perhaps, they’ve had an addition to the family, who needs a first passport.

So I don’t blame the Passport Office, but the upturn in the economy.

It will be interestring to see the figures for Ryanair and the other airlines and holiday companies that get published later in the year.

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Matthew Paris Proposes A Humane Solution To The Badger Problem

In his column today in The Times, Matthew Paris tells a tale about how the llamas he keeps have chased the badgers away.

Matthew’s proposal may sound silly, but I’ve had many a drink with a friend, where he has told me endless tales about his llamas and their instincts and habits. Some of his used to stand up tall and spit at passengers waiting to catch a bus. I believe the stop was moved.

So will be seeing farmers using llamas to protect their animals from badgers.

Or will friends of the badgers try to get the keeping of llamas near badger sets made illegal?


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The Problems In Schools

There has been several stories recently about the problems in schools in places like Birmingham, Bradford and Luton.

What worries me, is that religion is getting in the way of good education.

I went to a mixed non-religious state school, which took a very practical approach to religion and gave everybody who wanted it, a first class education. Science and history, were taught correctly and not with regard to fictitious religious texts.

So in my view religion should only be a lesson in a school and anybody with strong religious beliefs should not be allowed to influence the policy of the school. Schools are for education and not for indoctrination and repression.

The school should be co-educational, as in my view, this is to the benefit of every pupil. Could it be that the reason for the low divorce rate amongst my fellow pupils at Minchenden, is because of the healthy interaction there was at the school between the sexes.

I wonder what would have happened in Northern Ireland if all schools were not allowed to be affiliated to a particular religion!


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Some More Self Winding Clocks

I first found two of these at Tooting Bec some years ago.

Golders Green station has a pair, which appear to be in good condition.

I wonder how many are still installed and in full working order. According to this section in the Wikipedia article on the Self Winding Clock Company, there were originally 600 and installation started in the 1900s.

Long may they continue to give passengers the time!

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A Well-Designed Transport Interchange

Golders Green is not an area I go to often. Years ago, C and myself used to go there to buy shoes for the children, at a shop I think was called Brians. I wonder if it is still there!

But yesterday, I needed to go there to get some extra keys for my new Banham lock. It is not a difficult journey, as I just got a train up the Northern line from the Angel to Golders Green station.

There are numerous  buses to places all over North London from the station as this map shows.

It’s also a stop for a lot of National Express coaches.

We need more well-designed simple interchanges everywhere, so that train passengers can easily get to their ultimate destination.

From the station, it was just a short walk to Banham’s shop.

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My New Front Door Lock

I’ve finally got a new front door, replacing the rotting one, that Jery had used.

A new door needed a new lock, so I went to the excellent Franchi on the Holloway Road and bought a Banham.

The lock did cost me £230, but then it does have a few advantages other than the strength and security it offers.

The biggest one is that to be secure, I now need only one normal-sized key.

When I go out, I just pull the handle to open the door and close it behind me to securely activate the lock.

It also means that I don’t have to find the key to let visitors in or open the door to such as postmen and couriers. When a visitor leaves they just open the door and shut it behind them.

So hopefully life will be easier and I won’t be constantly going up and down the stairs. It should be said that for most of the year, I have an upstairs window open and I just put my head out to check who’s there!

These Banham locks must be one of the classic British designs. And the company is still owned by the original family.



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