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A Rebuilt Station For Guildford

It is has just been posted on Modern Railways, that Guildford station is to be redeveloped. The report is subtitled.

£150m investment at no cost to tax or fare payer

I think we’ll see a lot more developments like this, where everybody wins. In Guildford’s case, this means a new station building, a transport hub, 445 new homes and 1,600 sq. metres of office space. It also claims 300 jobs will be created.

Look at this aerial view of the station.

Guildford Station

Guildford Station

The development is to use surplus land around the station. There seems to be a lot of that and a lot of space devoted to car parking.

So an imaginative development would be an improvement. I would like to see homes and offices developed over the station.

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Underneath The Shard

The space between Thameslink and the Shard has been tidied up a lot, as the pictures show.

All is now ready for a start to be made on the next phase of the rebuilding of London Bridge station.

Wikipedia has a section on rebuilding the station.

This link shows the final platform layout. It’s very different to what platforms were used in the past and are now.

But hopefully, it’ll be all right on the night!


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A Station With A New Bridge, But No Facilities

At the present time, Strood station is being improved but it does strike me that the planning of this project, is not up to the usual standard.

I didn’t take a picture of the problem, but this busy station may have a bridge, that gives good access for all, but on the day I used the station, the ticket office was closed and the single ticket machine couldn’t cope and a long queue had developed. One harassed member of staff was trying to deal with the problem of those unfamiliar with the machine.

I arrived with plenty of time to catch the 12:35 back to London, but by the time I got my ticket, the train was pulling out of the station. So I had to wait thirty minutes on the rather cold platforms.

Surely South Eastern could have rustled up an extra member of staff with a hand machine, to help passengers get on the trains.

A few signs and a clean up of the tunnel would have helped too!

Is this the way that companies treat everybody in Rochester and Strood?

If it is, it’s no wonder that they voted for the kippers!

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An Impressive Set Of Bridges

Rochester Bridge is a set of four bridges that carries the A2 road, the railway and various services over the River Medway.

I liked it a lot. But where was the information by the bridge, describing it for those that walked past?

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A Solution To The Tea Bag Problem

In Rochester High Street, I had a very nice cup of tea in a cafe called Dot Cafe. What a good name for a cafe with good internet and wi-fi.

As you can see milk was served alongside in a small wider jug, which was an ideal place to put the teabag. The lady in charge said that was what you did!

A simple idea that solves a messy problem! Perhaps you could put some words on the jug like “Milk – After The Teabag”

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Nigel Was Here!

I took this photo outside a pub on Rochester High Street!

Nigel Was Here!

Nigel Was Here!


Although the High Street was generally tidy, there were places with a bit of an air of being run-down.

In some ways you can understand, why they voted for the kippers.

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Walking Between Rochester And Strood Stations

I took the South Eastern Class 395 and explored Rochester.

I walked along the High Street, visited the cathedral, castle and the museum before crossing the Rochester Bridge to get the train home from Strood.

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