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Fibreglass Giraffes Help Stop Elephants Rampaging Across Delicate Tea Crops

The title of this post is the same as that of this article in The Times.

Tea plantations in Assam have an elephant problem and this weird solution seems to work.

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Just heard the CEO of Nrdpresso defending his product, where seventy-two percent of the product goes into landfill.


My tea-bag goes straight into the food composting bin!

So much more environmentally-friendly!

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Carluccio’s Goes Posh

Not my words, but that of the waiter.


It was a good quick breakfast.

The tea-pot certainly solves the dreaded tea-bag problem.

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A High Speed Brew

I took this picture, as my train to Newark for Lincoln was somewhere around New |Southgate. We were just twelve minutes out of Kings Cross

A High Speed Brew

A High Speed Brew

The steward had served it almost before we moved off at Kings Cross, with a very full train of passengers.

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A Solution To The Tea Bag Problem

In Rochester High Street, I had a very nice cup of tea in a cafe called Dot Cafe. What a good name for a cafe with good internet and wi-fi.

As you can see milk was served alongside in a small wider jug, which was an ideal place to put the teabag. The lady in charge said that was what you did!

A simple idea that solves a messy problem! Perhaps you could put some words on the jug like “Milk – After The Teabag”

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South West Trains Messy Tea

The picture says it all.

South West Trains Messy Tea

South West Trains Messy Tea

If I was the boss of ATOC, I’d offer a prize for the design of a tea system that was simple for the staff and customers alike, but didn’t leave any mess.

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The Cable Car Was Busy

The Emirates Air Line has been criticised for low usage lately.

The Cable Car Was Busy

The Cable Car Was Busy

However, this picture shows that the sun brings out the punters.

Later, I was able to have my first outdoor cup of tea.

My First Outdoor Drink Of 2014

My First Outdoor Drink Of 2014

In fact, the only problem was the breeze made it difficult to control the bills.

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Change After Forty Years

My middle son, who is in his forties came round for supper last night.

For the first time ever, he had a cup of tea. Normally, he drinks coffee!


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Should We Buy Tea Shares?

The Times today makes a joke on the business pages about builders in wet February and freezing March, sitting around in huts drinking tea.

I must admit my consumption, has been very high in recent months.

So should we put our money where our mouth sups and invest in tea shares?

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I Drunk A Lot Yesterday And Feel Much Better Today

Yesterday, I drunk more than I have for some time.  I had three mugs of tea before I left home, two cups of tea with my lunch in Carluccio’s and then perhaps another four mugs of tea during the afternoon and another one late at night. I also had a pint of Aspall Cyder down the pub during the presentation.

So I probably drunk about two and a half litres yesterday.

As a child, my mother was always getting me to drink more and often the only drink I had during the day, was the third of a pint bottle of milk and perhaps a small cup of tea. It was very difficult to get me to drink water and if I did drink anything else it was squash or her home made lemon drink, made to a Mrs. Beeton recipe.

From the time, I started drinking alcohol, I’ve generally been a pint of real ale man, although for years, I followed my father’s lead and drunk small bottles of Guinness.  Incidentally, those small bottles, which are unobtainable now, were low in gluten.

I think when I went gluten-free, I started to get the odd stiffness in my legs and breathing difficulties at this time of year.  I used to think, I needed to have a cup of coffee before tennis to get myself going. But could it be that I had cut down on my liquid intake, by avoiding pints of beer.  And also in those days a few years ago, decent cider, like Aspall wasn’t available in pubs.

I came out of hospital after the stroke feeling pretty rough and I don’t think I was drinking much inside. Basically, I’ve never been a great water drinker. I need something stronger, like tea, milk or lemonade.

I think I will keep up the high level of drinking.

As I’ve been drinking hard for the past month or so and having a deep bath every day, it does seem, that the stiffness in my lower legs has eased.

Strangely, my rhinitis isn’t too bad this morning either and my toe nails seem not to be their usual mess.

So perhaps the two most important women in my life, my mother and C, were right all along, in saying I should drink more.  C of course was always making me cups of tea, when she was at home, as she was a serious coffee and water drinker.

So perhaps we had mutually beneficial habits.  I think too, my son is another heavy drinker of the non-alcoholic kind.

But why is it, that things seem to always get worse for my body in the first few months of the year? I had a GP once, who said I might suffer from SAD or seasonal affected disorder. It did get better soon after that diagnosis, but C and I were taking at least a week’s holiday in the sun.


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