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Why Don’t Cafes Provide More Charging USB Points?

Surely, if someone had a flat phone, thry’d stay longer?

I would design a system, so that each USB port could provide so many milli-amps. I’d then adjust the limit, to get the most profit!

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ollybars At The Reilly Rocket

The Reilly Rocket is a cafe on my walking route home from Dalston Junction station and the Kingsland High Road, that I occasionally use for a small refreshment.

Today I popped in and found they were promoting ollybars on the counter.

So I ate one with my pot of English breakfast tea and took another home for later.

At two quid they may be more expensive than say EatNakd bars, but they are very good.

Too many gluten-free snacks are either bland or have the texture of sawdust.

ollybars are not guilty of either fault.

Congratulations to Olly!

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Sawyer And Gray At Highbury Corner

Highbury Corner is a bit short of eating places that appeal to me. Over the past couple of months, I’ve passed a new cafe called Sawyer and Gray on my way to the bus stop to get the  30 home.

Today, after coming back from my travels to the station and after buying my Sunday Times in the littleWaitrose, I ventured inside to have a cup of tea.

I liked what I saw and decided to have some scrambled egg and smoked salmon for an early lunch.

It was very good and I shall go back again. When Kings Cross and Euston have got their escalators fixed, it will be very convenient for a sustaining drink on the way home from a trip up north.

Note that the restaurant is a bit of a Tardis and as it has a basement with seven tables, it’s a lot bigger than it appears from the street.


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Palmers Green Station To Get A Double Upgrade

After visiting Alexandra Palace station and the Yard Cafe, I took a Hertford North train through Bowes Park and on to Palmers Green station.

The station needs refurbishment and it is getting step-free access and a branch of the Yard Cafe.

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A Solution To The Tea Bag Problem

In Rochester High Street, I had a very nice cup of tea in a cafe called Dot Cafe. What a good name for a cafe with good internet and wi-fi.

As you can see milk was served alongside in a small wider jug, which was an ideal place to put the teabag. The lady in charge said that was what you did!

A simple idea that solves a messy problem! Perhaps you could put some words on the jug like “Milk – After The Teabag”

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The Best Cafe In Eastfield

Marks and Spencer’s cafes are probably best described as safe, with a boring selection of drinks and pastries, that wouldn’t annoy ladies who drink milky coffee.

But the one on the bridge at their Eastfield store is different.

It’s nice to go to a cafe with proper china and nearly all those in that area of the shopping centre use paper cups.

So it’s a no-brainer as to where I go!

It does mean that if I’m lucky, I have to put up with one of the best views in East London.

As Marks and Spencer now have an extensive range of gluten-free foods in the shop below the cafe, Stratford is an ideal place to break a journey with a pit stop for supplies



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Before Overground – Cafe Issues

The stations to be incorporated into the Overground from the Lea Valley Lines have a sprinkling of cafes, like this one at Hackney Downs.

I got a nice cup of tea there, but on chatting with the owner, there are issues that London Overground need to sort out with these little cafes and other shops in the stations.

I also feel that in some of the smaller stations, the only decent small premises are the booking office, which was often closed. As it is Transport for London’s policy to do away with booking offices, perhaps some could be revamped as retail premises.

At Rectory Road, there was only one lonely guy sitting in the booking office. He should be on or watching the platforms, not hidden away!

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Come In Number 38, Your Time Has Come!

I saw several New Buses for London or Routemasters today, as I travelled the other way on a 38 to and through Hackney.


But they weren’t the remnants of the original Hackney Eight, but pristine ones, just off the boat from Northern Ireland.

Coming back from the Angel, I got one of the new buses and the driver said with a big beaming smile on his face, that from Monday all buses on the 38 will be New Routemasters.

So now visitors to the capital and those that live here for that matter, will be able to take their partner, boyfriend or girlfriend to romantic Clapton Pond, as I surmised here.

On a serious note, If you were thinking of opening a cafe, then Clapton Pond surely is the place!

Also if I was Hackney’s Tourism Officer, I’d be making sure everything was ready.

Rumour also has it too, that a well known estate agent has jacked up the prices of all properties near to a 38 bus stop by two percent.

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Walking To The Olympic Park

I went to the newly-reopened Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park today by walking from Hackney Wick station.

I actually stopped for a cup of tea at the ViewTube.

But it was an easy walk, once you started along the Greenway.

There is also a nice slope up and down from the ViewTube, which as is typical for a Sunday was fairly busy.

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An Unusual Advert In The Times

There is an advert for the Cult Cafe in Ipswich in The Times today.

What is unusual about the advert is that it appears to have been paid for by Barclays.

So has your bank paid for you to have an advert in a national newspaper.

I have written to the cafe to see if they are making any difference to the gluten-free desert that is Ipswich.

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