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An Impressive Visualisation

The Croxley Rail Link is a major project to improve the links of the Metropolitan line into Watford and connect the line to Watford Junction station.

Out of curiosity I looked at this 3d visualisation of the new link.

I found it very impressive.

Note the following.

1. After Croxley station, the line bends away to the right on a viaduct.

2. At present the line goes straight on at this point to the current Watford station. This line will become a siding, when the Croxley Rail Link is built.

3. As the Grand Union Canal is crossed, this is in the area of this post.

4. Ascot Road station shown in the visualisation is now to be called Cassiobridge station.

5. The next station is Watford Vicarage Road, which serves the football ground and the hospital.

6. The existing Watford DC Line of the London Overground joins before Watford High Street station, from where the two lines share the same track to Watford Junction.

Hopefully, I’ll still be here and can try this route for real to get to the football ground in 2017.

But I don’t think that the project will be implemented as is currently planned. The Watford Observer is reporting that London Underground is taking over the responsibility for the project and I think this will result bin some changes, most likely for the better.

1. Some parties want Watford station to stay open. As it will be possible to run trains from the Croxley Rail Link through Rickmansworth and on to Amersham, could a shuttle be introduced between Amersham and Watford stations? There is a precedent for this type of arrangement in that there is a shuttle between Dalston Junction and New Cross stations on the East London Line. The main purpose is to increase the service frequency on the core of the line through the Thames Tunnel.

2. Both Amersham and Chalfont & Latimer stations are served by Chiltern Railways, who may want to put their view forward.

3. Could the changes mean that costs rise further and a delay is introduced into the project?

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