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The M25 South Of Waltham Cross

If you travel along the M25 between junctions 25 (A10) and 26 (A121), you pass south of an area which I know well from my teens. Obviously the motorway wasn’t there in those days and a lot of the area was closed off as it was the Royal Gunpowder Mills. Some of the area has been developed, but a lot is still pretty much undeveloped or farmland, as this Google Earth image of the area shows.

M25 South Of Waltham Abbey

M25 South Of Waltham Abbey

Note how two of the Lea Valley Lines pass North-South through the area.

The line between Turkey Street and Theobalds Grove, known as the Southbury Loop, crosses the motorway on its way to its terminus at Cheshunt, just to the East of the large factory, which is News International’s Print Works at the top left of the image.

Further to the East is the West Anglia Main Line between Enfield Lock and Waltham Cross, which is just to the west of the collection of large distribution depots.

So you have a large area of relatively undeveloped land with four stations at the corners.  Turkey Street and Theobalds Grove are now part of the London Overground and Enfield Lock and Waltham Cross are proposed to be on Crossrail 2.

So although the connections to London aren’t bad they are going to get a lot better.

Surely, with these rail connections this area could be developed sensibly.

I’ve always felt that London needs more Park-and-Ride sites. In fact there isn’t one rail station, where you can come off the M25 drive a kilometre or so, perhaps pick-up or drop-off a passenger, and return easily to the motorway.

As to being able to park all day or just an evening, whilst you do business or visit a friend relative, then you can just about forget it. Especially, as those stations with parking never have enough of it.

A couple of times, since I’ve stopped driving, I’ve needed to be picked up near the M25, either to guide someone to my house or perhaps go to a football match with a fellow sufferer. There are few suitable places, so we generally end up using eithe Cockfosters or Newbury Park Tube Stations.

What is needed is a series of rail/car/bus interfaces all along the motorways and not just on the M25.

I took these pictures from a train going between Turkey Street and Theobalds Grove stations.


The M25 dominates and there is a few large developments, like the News International Print Works and lots of undeveloped green space.

,So could such an interchange be developed somewhere on this section of the M25 near Waltham Cross, perhaps with a Service Area and a Park-and-Ride. It would certainly ease transport difficulties for many.

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  1. […] who want to drive to the stations, is to build a Park and Ride site in the area, as I proposed in The M25 South Of Waltham Cross or perhaps at Hadley Wood station, which would be difficult and probably resisted […]

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  2. […] that London needs a ring of well-designed car/bus/train interchanges around the M25. I did propose one at Waltham Cross, but that idea was not put together […]

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  3. there’s a dormant campaign by an outfit called to promote high speed stopping coach services on British motorways. It was promoted by George Monbiot at one point. There’s quite a hefty report by a transport economist. Also check out Japanese motorways on google earth, they have high speed coach stops every five km of so.

    Comment by peter dowden | June 28, 2015 | Reply

  4. I’ll check it out! I do think though, that London needs a ring of Car/Bus/Train Interfaces.

    Comment by AnonW | June 29, 2015 | Reply

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