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The Hackney Downs/Central Link Is Now Open

The Hackney Downs/Central Link opened at 11:00 this morning.

I’d thought something was finally happening, as there was a group of suits with clipboards about when I had passed through earlier. So after my trip to Surrey, I popped back to get my supper at the Hackney Marks and Spencer. As the link  was now open, I took these pictures.

I shall certainly use the walkway regularly, as I often come from Walthamstow or on one the other Lea Valley Lines and either need to go West on the North London Line or like today, get some food at Marks. The walkway will of course be dry in the rain and some might feel safer at night!

I suspect that London Overground might get some ticketing issues with this link.

Take a little old lady with a Freedom Pass, who lives near the current Hackney Downs entrance to what is now a large double-station complex, who perhaps wants to go to the shops on Mare Street in the rain. Being as she’s from Hackney, she would be streetwise and would therefore use her Freedom Pass to work the barrier at the Hackney Downs entrance and then climb up the stairs to Platform 1. She’d then walk down the platform and take the walkway to Central, where she would exit into Mare Street using her Freedom Pass. In other words, she would have done the long walk substantially out of the rain, at no cost to herself.

So what do Transport for London do with someone, who uses an Oyster or contactless card to do the same trip? Will they be charged?

An engineer on Crossrail, who has walked some of the enormous stations, said to me, that in the rain, some of Crossrail stations are so comprehensive, she would use them to keep out of the rain. So we could have the same problem here?

If Transport for London charges, are we discriminating against those who pay for their transport?

Surely, if you come out of the same station complex within the time it takes to walk from one end to the other, you shouldn’t be charged!

What do you get charged now, if you enter a station through the barriers and then you realise you perhaps didn’t pick up your paper or coffee before you did and you return through the barriers virtually immediately?

Remember that if there’s a walking short-cut, Londoners and especially East Enders will find it!

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