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Funding Secured For New Entrance At Stratford Tube Station

The title of this post is the same as that of this article on IanVisits.

The new entrance will give those coming from the Carpenters Estate direct access to Stratford station.

This Google Map shows the South East section of the station.

The main station building has the two station symbols on the top and the Jubilee Line platforms run Southwards from the building.

It would appear that the new entrance will be close to the Southernmost corner of the station building in a staff car park.

Knowing the station well, I suspect it will be a very useful new entrance for both residents and visitors to the Olympic Park.

It will make it easier to avoid the clutches of Eastfield.

The only details on the cost of the scheme is this sentence from Ian’s article.

Newham council has agreed to contribute £1 million to the scheme, which is being funded from its Community Infrastructure Levy.

As it incorporates some extra lifts in the station, the scheme is probably going to be more than a million pound one, but the London Legacy Development Corporation (LLDC) is involved, I suspect that everything is securely funded.

Should There Be Other Small Schemes Like This?

At Shepherd’s Bush station on the Overground, in 2015, a new entrance was built to give better access to Westfield. It is not very busy during the day, but I suspect that workers at Westfield use it more than shopper. Wikipedia says it cost £1.35 million, so I should think that the Stratford scheme wouldn’t cost a great deal more.

I believe there are other places, where extra entrances could be built.

Simple Ungated Entrances

Entrances don’t have to be grand, as I showed in An Ungated Entrance Used To Create Step-Free Access At Crofton Park Station.

These two entrances are just a hole in the station fence, Oyster readers and a bit of tarmac. There must be other places, where these entrances can be installed.

An Entrance At Hackney Central Station Into Graham Road

In It Looks Like The Hackney Downs/Central Link Is Ready To Open, I also talk in detail about adding a Southern entrance to Hackney Central station, that would lead directly into Graham Road. Eith a pedestrian crossing and changes to the bus stops, it would be a very useful step-free entrance for those living between the centres of Hackney and Dalston.

A Second Entrance At Highbury & Islington Station

In Could We Create A Second Entrance To The Overground At Highbury And Islington Station?, I investigated creating a West-facing entrance at Highbury & Islington station, that would improve access for those going to football.


I believe that a lot of stations can be improved, by adding extra entrances in convenient places.

It is probably easier to do in London’s Oyster/contactless card area, as a couple of readers can sort out ticketing.


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  1. A major failure of the new Overground entrance at Shepherds Bush Station was the failure to include a ramp providing step free entrance on what is a platform which is only a small distance below Street level. This could still be easily righted .

    By co-incidence a large sum was spent on trying to provide step free access to the adjacent Central Line Station at Shepherds Bush but difficulties arose and the project abandoned.

    However, the recently opened new entrance to Bank Station providing step free access to the Waterloo and City Line demonstrates that if London is to get an accessible tube then construction of new entrances when above Station development occurs could be the best way forward given the age and complex nature of many stations.

    I notice that at West Ham Station an additional entrance similar to that planned for Stratford Station is included in a development next to the station.

    When TFL took control of rail services under Mayor Ken Livingstone a number of side gates were left open or created to provide step free access but his successor Boris Johnson was concerned more about fare evasion than disabled users and thus expanding these open entrances was halted .

    Comment by Melvyn | May 18, 2019 | Reply

  2. If you’re right about West Ham, and I’ve no reason to think you’re not, then this all follows what a developer told me. Developments over a station sell or let at a premium and they are also cheaper to build, as you can cut car parking provision. He’d completely refocused his business in recent years and I don’t think anybody would complain.

    I’ve heard a funny comment about fare evasion in the last couple of weeks. I suspect TfL are a bit paranoid about it, despite the fact that contactless ticketing, has probably cut fare evasion and the cost of collecting fares.

    I suspect too, that TfL have good figures on what happens if you build 200 flats with their own entrance to the trains. The station bit at Shepher’s Bush reputedly cost £1.35million, so if they got that back in extra fares over five years, that’s probably a result!

    Comment by AnonW | May 18, 2019 | Reply

    • There is a large hoarding opposite the planned new entrance ( near where Jubilee Line escalators/ stairs are on west side of Station) which promises new connections on which site clearance work is underway.

      Comment by Melvyn | May 18, 2019 | Reply

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