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INR Testing Around A Simple Procedure

A couple of weeks ago, my dentist found a small lump in my mouth,so he advised getting it removed and tested to see that it was nothing serious. The procedure was booked to take place on Thursday, the 30th of July and he advised me to make sure my INR was lower than 2.4 and not to take any Warfarin on the day before. Obviously, he didn’t want me to bleed too much, especially as the position of the lump made stitching impossible.

My INR had been 2.6, 2.5 and 2.6 on the Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, taking my normal dose of 4 mg., which as I take it most days, is unsurprisingly my average dose.

On the Tuesday, to lower te INR slightly, I cut my dose to just 1 mg., with the consequence by Wednesday morning the INR had dropped to 2.3. As the doctor had said no Warfarin on the Wednesday, my Control Engineering training said that could drop the INR below 2. So I just took 1 and the INR was 2.1 on the day f the operation.

After the operation, as I wasn’t bleeding I took 3 mg of Warfarin, but by the Friday morning my INR had dropped to 1.6, so that evening I took 6 mg. On the Saturday morning, the INR had gone up a bit to 1.7, so to nudge it towards the desired value of 2.5, I took six that day.

In the week of the operation despite changing the dose to control my INR, I sactually averaged 3.8 mg. over the week.

Since then I’ve taken my normal 4 mg. and my INR has been fairly steady around 2.4.

I think this exercise shows the value of self-testing your INR. Admittedly, I was employing my Control Engineering training and experience to give the doctor what he wanted and keep my INR at a reasonably safe level, but the ability to self-test regularly around an operation must make things better for everybody concerned.

The doctor told me afterwards that I hadn’t bled too much, but then when I’m cut by a professional as opposed to torn in a fall say, I don’t seem to bleed much!

In the end, the lump had been removed and I heard today, that it was totally benign.


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This Big Belly On Islington Green Seems To Be Working

I took this picture by the bus stop on Islington Green.

This Big Belly On Islington Green Seems To Be Working

This Big Belly On Islington Green Seems To Be Working

It would appear that there isn’t much rubbish not in the bin.

So is the Big Belly getting people to put their rubbish in the bin? Or had I just missed the guy with the broom and barrow?

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Crossrail Works In Front Of Liverpool Street Station

The archaeologists at Liverpool Street station have departed and work is getting on with the Crossrail works.

I’m glad to see that Crossrail have left the observation gallery.

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The Southern Entrance To Tottenham Court Road Station Takes Shape

One of the consequences of the building of Crossrail has been the need to virtually completely rebuild Tottenham Court Road station. The rebuild is not small as the station is future-proofed for the building of Crossrail 2, which will also call at the station. Wikipedia says this about future developments at the station.

If the proposed Chelsea-Hackney line, now known as Crossrail 2 when built, it will have a station at Tottenham Court Road, and the development plans include facilities to take account of this. This would be the only planned interchange between Crossrail 1 and Crossrail 2. A massive boost in capacity to the existing station will be needed to host both lines. The station was safeguarded as part of the route in 1991 and 2007. Redevelopment of the station will include space for platforms on the line.

The station is being rebuilt with a large ticket hall under the forecourt of Centre Point, which has a new northern exit on the corner of Oxford Street and Tottenham Court Road. These pictures show the new southern exit for the station taking shape.

It certainly looks like it will be dramatic. This page on the Stanton Williams web site has a picture of new entrances in front of Centre Point.

It certainly isn’t ordinary! It also looks like London is getting a new plaza.

I think the entrances open later this year, together with the reopening of the Central Line platforms. I took some of the pictures from the top deck of a 38 bus, which gives good views into the site as you go towards Islington from Piccadilly Circus.

It does look that the grubby end of Oxford Street is getting a major improvement.

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