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Does Jeremy Corbyn Really Support Coal?

I am very surprised by this report in the Daily Mirror, which talks about Jeremy Corbyn and coal. Here’s the first paragraph.

Jeremy Corbyn could bring back coal mines despite vowing to ‘keep fossil fuels in the ground’.

The article goes on to talk about carbon capture technology to burn coal without producing any carbon dioxide.

I have been to learned lectures on this technology and there’s about as much chance of making it work economically, as landing an astronaut on the Sun.

I may be wrong about carbon capture technology, but we would be better spending the investment on insulating our woefully energy-inefficient buildings, so everybody had a lower energy bill.

We obviously need more electricity and there are better ways of generating it without the carbon problem.

My preferred methods would be.

  1. Importing electricity generated by geothermal and hydroelectric power stations in Iceland using an undersea cable. The so-called IceLink is described on this page on the National Grid web site.
  2. Tidal power in the Severn and other western estuaries. The Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon is a project that has started.
  3. Offshore wind and wave.
  4. Solar panels on buildings. Technology is improving and costs are falling.
  5. Local energy generation using small-scale systems like the Bunhill Energy Centre in Islington.

I also believe that if we funded research in our best Universities, we could fundamentally change our energy use, generation and conservation.

We might even be able to do without using more of the following types of power generation in the future.

  1. Coal, with all its problems of pollution and the carbon dioxide it generates.
  2. Nuclear, with all its problems of high cost and unacceptability by certain sections of the population.
  3. On-shore wind, with all its visual intrusion.

I think the future is going to be scientifically green.

I suspect that in twenty or thirty years time, our main uses of fossil fuels, like oil and gas, will be in the production of needed chemicals, heat energy for industrial processes and powering transport.

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RMT Moves The Tube Strike

It has been announced by the RMT, that the Tube strike has been moved from this week to the 10th and 8th of September.

Intriguingly, the new Labour Leader will be announced on the 12th of September.

There doesn’t seem to be any reference on the Internet, as to where the Special Conference is to be held! As the TUC Conference starts in Brighton on the 13th, that must be a possibility.

Or has someone forgot to book the hall?

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