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TPOD or Blockade?

This article on the Rail Engineer web site is entitled Preparing The Way For Bath Electrification.

It is a good read and it brings a new acronym into the English language – TPOD. This is said about the change of wording.

Normally, closing a 20 mile stretch of the main line, from Thingley Junction to Bath Station, for six weeks would be referred to as a ‘blockade’ but, during the consultation process, the word blockade became a very sensitive issue. It implied that Bath was closed for business, which wasn’t the case. Therefore, to ensure that tourists were not put off travelling to the city, it was suggested that Network Rail should use a different description for the closure. As a result the acronym TPOD was created – Temporary Period of Disruption! So the work was carried out during a six week TPOD. You’ll get used to it.

Only time will tell, if this friendlier word TPOD becomes accepted. Or will it have the same connotations as Rail Replacement Bus?

But words are important!

As an example, I object to messages on trains and buses using the word terminate at the end of a journey.

It sounds so final!

At least, it seems to be becoming more common for a message like.

This train finishes its journey here.

To be used. Especially, where train staff are giving an announcement.

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