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The Connection Between Northern And Circle/District Lines At Bank Station

I’ve done this interchange at Bank station a few times but not that I remember it. These pictures show my route as I walked from a southbound Northern Line train to the Circle/District Lines, where I went one stop to Cannon Street station.

The Northern Line is unusual in Bank station, in that the southbound track is on the right hand side of the two lines, whereas normally in the UK, they follow the same rules as the roads.

I walked down the platform, took the exit at the far end and then used the escalators to get to the passageway leading to the Circle/District Line platforms.

When the station is upgraded with a new Cannon Street entrance, a new southbound tunnel will be bored several metres to the west and the space between the two tunnels will become a generous circulation space, with four cross tunnels linking the two Northern Line platforms, which hopefully will be wider than the current narrow ones.

Connections to and from the circulation space will be as follows.

  • A set of three escalators will ascend to the new entrance. They are actually two sets vertically, with a landing to turn everthing the right way.
  • Two travalators will connect to the Central Line platforms to the North.
  • Another set of three escalators will descend to the DLR platforms some ten metres below.
  • Two lifts will connect to the new entrance above and the DLR platforms below.
  • The two escalators and their connection to the Circle/District Lines will be opened out and upgraded.

I’m not sure how this space connects to the Waterloo and City Line, but I’m sure that the architects have a solution.

But I do think, it’s rather a neat solution to convecting all the lines together, as the amount of walking that passengers will do compared to the current station will be greatly reduced.

I also think, it’s going to be a straightforward station to build, in that you can leave the current platforms to handle the trains until you’ve dug most of the station tunnel for the new southbound line, completing as much of the entrance as you want above the working Northern Line and DLR. Once the Northern Line is closed, the circulation space with all its lifts, escalators and travalators is put together.

I think a lot of the work will be done from the top in a big hole, lifting everything in, by the use of large cranes.

Will much of the mechanical infrastructure be put together in a nice, warm, dry factory?

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