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The New Cannon Street Entrance To Bank Station

This entrance will help to solve Bank station’s chronic problems. It will go on the corner of Nicholas Lane and Cannon Street.

These pictures were taken on a walk from King William Street to Cannon Street station.

I would assume, it will replace the McDonald’s, with a new office block on top.

This Google Map shows King William Street, Nicholas Lane, Cannon Street and the various stations.

New Cannon Street Entrance At Bank Station

New Cannon Street Entrance At Bank Station

Note the McDonald’s. I had an excellent lunch in the Leon.

If you want to read more about the proposed station, you start by looking at this page on the TfL web site, which is entitled.

I found these two documents answered a lot of the questions, I had about the design of the station.

Design and Access Statement – Part 1 – Opens with a detailed drawing of the whole new entrance project.

Design and Access Statement – Part 2 – Opens with a detailed summary of the proposal.

They also have a lot of good images, visualisations and diagrams.

Summarising what I learned, I will make the following points.

  • The new entrance will be a wide one where the current McDonald’s is situated.
  • Passengers will go through the wide gate line and banks of escalators will take them down to the Northern Line.
  • Passengers requiring step-free access will have a dedicated route to the lifts from two wide gates on the left of the entrance.
  • The Northern Line is deep and because of the constricted nature of the site, the escalators will be vertically split into two banks with a landing, as some at London Bridge station are.
  • At the bottom of the escalator will be a large circulation area, with cross passages accessing the rebuilt and wider Northern Line platforms.
  • Moving walkways from the circulation area, will take you to the Central Line.
  • The rise between the Northern and Central Line levels will be handled by escalators between the Central Line platforms.
  • Access to the DLR platforms, which are several metres below and parallel to the Northern Line platforms, will be via escalators in the middle.
  • The District and Circle Lines will be accessed from the Southern end of the circulation space by means of an improved passage to existing escalators.
  • I suspect that the access to the Central Line and DLR platforms, can be built without any lengthy closures.
  • Don’t forget that there is a new entrance at Walbrook Square being built to give lift and escalator access to the Waterloo and City Line, that will open in 2017.
  • All existing links between lines and the existing entrances will be preserved and upgraded.
  • Two seventeen passenger lifts will descend from the new entrance to both the Northern Line and the DLR.
  • The station is to be completed by 2021.

I think it is true to say, that the new Cannon Street entrance is effectively a second station that is connected to all the existing lines.

In the latter part of the project, the Bank branch of the Northern Line will be closed, so that the new running tunnel can be dug. I don’t think it will be possible to turn trains at say Moorgate and London Bridge, so the branch will cease to be any use.

Could this blockade, be planned to happen after Crossrail opens, so that passengers can walk to Liverpool Street/Moorgate to access other North-South routes?

  • Crossrail to Farringdon station for Thameslink
  • Crossrail to Tottenham Court Road station for the Charing Cross Branch of the Northern Line.
  • Crossrail to Whitechapel for the East London Line.
  • The Northern City Line at Moorgate station.

The Central, District and Circle Lines had better behave too!

So how would the new station at Bank change my transport habits?

  • Journeys between my house and Bank station are often done on a 21 or 141 bus, where the stops are within a hundred metres of my house. I would hope for better access between buses and the new complex at Bank.
  • The new Wallbrook entrance and the improved access to the Waterloo and City Line, will greatly improve one of my routes to Waterloo,
  • I often go south on the Northern Line, as it is easy to get a 38 or 56 bus around the corner from my house and dive straight into the Northern Line at Angel station. From Bank I will use the easy access to the DLR and the District and Circle Lines.
  • I suspect that when I need the DLR, I will go to Bank, rather my route now via Shadwell on the East London Line.
  • If I’m coming North on the Northern Line, I get out at either Bank, Moorgate or Old Street and take the 21 or 141 bus.

I shall certainly have a lot of interesting  transport routes.

The expansion of the station, in addition to sorting the connection between the various lines at the station, will after the Wallbrook entrance is complete, create two new terminii for the two smaller lines at the station.

Waterloo And City Line

The new Wallbrook entrance will create a step-free entrance into an upgraded Waterloo and City Line.

This will generate a few questions.

  • How long will it be before demand is such, that the Waterloo and City Line opens on a seven-day-a-week basis?
  • Will the passageways still connect the Waterloo and City Line platforms to the to the DLR and the Northern Line?
  • Will the connections to other lines at Bank station be good enough?
  • As the Bank end of the line will be step-free, what will happen at the Waterloo end?
  • Could access to the line be improved from Waterloo East station?

I think that the Waterloo and City Line will get a few more small upgrades. Especially, as during the blockade of the Northern Line to build the new spouthbound tunnel, it will be used to bring travellers to and from Bank station.

Docklands Light Railway

The two DLR platforms and their connections to the other lines will be transformed by the station expansion.

  • Many of the walking routes to other lines and the exits will be step-free, and all will be an improvement on the present routes.
  • The important connection to the Northern Line will be by escalator or lift.
  • There will be a lot more space around the two DLR platforms.

I think this ease-of-use of the DLR part of the station, will increase passenger numbers dramatically.

It appears to me that the new design will future-proof the DLR terminus, as the new layout of the DLR platforms and their connections seems to have been designed, so that the DLR can be extended to the West.

According to Wikipedia, two possible westward extensions have been proposed.

I think that the former which would take the DLR to Charing Cross and possibly Victoria via City Thameslink and Aldwych would be the most promising.

This would give me a route to Charing Cross station, which is probably the most difficult station to get to from Dalston.

But will it ever happen?

Bank station will certainly ready for a DLR extension in 2021.




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  1. […] The McDonald’s on Cannon Street will be replaced by the new Cannon Street entrance. […]

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  2. […] the station is upgraded with a new Cannon Street entrance, a new southbound tunnel will be bored several metres to the west and the space between the two […]

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  3. When one looks at the new Walbrook entrance it’s noticeable how close it is to Cannon Street Station. It’s a pity that another level wasn’t included served by lift and stairs to a Subway to the eastbound Circle/District Line platform of Cannon Street Station thus making that Station fully accessible given westbound platform already has lift access.

    The above would have also provided step free interchange between Circle/District lines eastbound and Waterloo and City Line .

    As for Waterloo end of W&C a lift already exists from platforms to booking hall level although when using it recently to leave W&C line I noticed Subway with the lift has a no entry notice forcing passengers with luggage and prams to use old routes. Surely this is nonsense and sign for lift to Waterloo and City Line should be shown even if wheelchair users can’t use it yet it’s still useful for many other passengers.

    It seems TFL have made an agreement with Network Rail linked to the reopening of former eurostar terminal which will provide lift access making Line step free.

    Comment by Melvyn | August 26, 2018 | Reply

  4. I’m not sure, but I think Bank station will get better access to the Circle and District Line, when that massive development is completed. It might not be good value to provide two links.

    There may also be plans to add extra lifts at Cannon Street itself.

    We’ll see!

    As to Waterloo, this document says the International terminal will be finished in December 2018.

    Comment by AnonW | August 26, 2018 | Reply

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