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Will We Vote For Cameron’s Deal On Europe?

I don’t know the answer and there are probably only a couple of people who can predict the result with any certainty.

I’ve just looked at the reliable Odds Checker web site for their Brexit Referendum Betting Odds and as I write this post, it is 5/2 On to stay in and 5/2 that we’ll leave.

If I vote and I probably will, as the first time I voted was for the EU Referendum of 1975, it will probably be to stay in, as I am a committed European in habit and probably culture.

I also think that we should be in a reformed Schengen Area and that we need a more flexible payment system.

Schengen is an ideal, but in the modern world of terrorism, international crime and immigration pressures, it falls down a deep hole.

What could replace it, I know not, but surely we can find something, that is better than what we have now.

Flexible payments will happen, as cash is replaced by contactless payments on cards and mobile phones.

How long will it be until I look at my credit card statement and see real -time transactions in pounds despite spending them all over the world in euros, dollars and Ruritanian groats?

We will be moving inexorably towards a World electronic currency, that appears to everybody as the one they want to use.

Let’s face it, it’s only software.

The currency merging will be led by the Anglo-Saxon English-speaking triumvirate; the US/Canada, the UK and Hong Kong/Singapore.

The Eurozone will be unable to keep the Euro out of this juggernaut.

Europe’s biggest problem is migration and despite what you read in the Mail and the Express, because of our island status, we are isolated from the worst excesses of uncontrolled migration into the European Union.

I think it will have further effects after it destroys Schengen in its present form.

There are elections in a lot of European states soon!

Will we see fruit-cake parties campaigning against more migration and for a renegotiating of their relationship with the European Union, as David Cameron has just done?

You bet we will!

David Cameron has truly opened Pandora’s Box!


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