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Brussels Station Has Got A Whole Lot Worse!

I think in future, if I have the choice of Eurostar terminals in Europe, I won’t be choosing Brussels!

I arrived in Brussels with about three hours to waste before my train to London left.

So I thought, I’d perhaps take a Metro train somewhere sensible and have coffee and breakfast. There’s nothing in the station that is gluten-free, so forget that one!

But they’ve changed the ticketing on the Metro and it looks like you need to use an Oyster-style ticket. I don’t do those sorts of things, as usually ou have to load a lot mopre money than the ticket and when you go back, you of course forget the card.

Why can’t these places allowed a contactless bankcard as a ticket like London?

So I thought, I’d go to the Tourist Office upstairs and complain! But that has been closed.

I tried the guy doing the train information for Belgian Railways and he couldn’t help. He also told me, he was fed up with the situation.

The Tourist Office is some distance away and you need to use the Metro.

So only go through Brussels, if you don’t want to use the Metro, get advice from the Tourist Office or eat something that is gluten-free.

I couldn’t even find a McDonalds, where I could buy some gluten-free chips.

If Brussels station is going to go downhill like this, the sooner, that Cologne is a Eurostar destination the better.

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  1. Thanks worth knowing as we are debating going to Bruges, after daughter and her partner enjoyed it so much and it is close enough to visit Ypres etc.

    Comment by nosnikrapzil | May 22, 2016 | Reply

  2. Changing for Bruges at Brussels isn’t difficult, but make sure you don’t want any assistance in Brussels, by planning before you go.

    Belgium also has this interesting coastal tramway.

    I’ve not ridden it.

    Comment by AnonW | May 22, 2016 | Reply

  3. The coastal tram sounds interesting. Helen and James flew into the other airport outside of Brussels – since they went the day after the Brussels bombing, they were lucky to have book themselves there, otherwise, they would have had to cancel.

    Comment by nosnikrapzil | May 22, 2016 | Reply

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