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Is Sadiq Khan Frightened Of Saint Joanna?

This report on the BBC is entitled London Mayor Sadiq Khan backs ‘more accessible’ Garden Bridge plans.

I think the Garden Bridge should be quietly forgotten and the money used to connect Barking Riverside to Thamesmead.

I would have also thought, that the bridge would be the sort of project that  few would mourn its passing.

So is Sadiq Khan frightened of Saint Joanna?

Especially, as last year, he didn’t think it was value for money!


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A First Glimpse Of A Great Western Railway Class 387 Train

This article on the Rail Journal web site is entitled Bombardier Opens Derby Train Testing Facility.

There is a picture of a Great Western Railway Class 387 train in the new dark green livery.

Intriguingly, the train does not have a number, so is it one of those that have served on Thameslink or a new build after the Gatwick Express order has been completed?

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Mutual Blogging

A reader of this blog, who used to be an old Artemis professional, is currently working on a large project, where there are a large number of sub-contractors and a difficult public relations problem with those, who live locally to the project.

They asked me, if a blog could solve some of his problems.

So here goes!

I would suggest, he starts a simple blog, probably using WordPress, as it is generally easily managed by an individual with average computer skills.

  • Only a tight group of individuals would be allowed to add posts to the blog.
  • Posts would be limited to so many a week.
  • Anybody would be allowed to comment, but under a set of behavioural rules and moderation, If the project is controversial, you don’t want the blog to become the focus of discontent.
  • I believe that with a difficult project, it could be a place for constructive discussion.
  • Hopefully, each post would generate comments and discussion, that improved the original post.
  • The blog would also point on its home page to useful sites concerned with the subject of the blog.
  • There would be a contact form.

If you were having a blog like this for say a public infrastructure project like Crossrail, it could be public, but a project like perhaps trialling a new treatment for a controversial-to-some illness like HIV-Aids, might be password-protected.

I think on balance most project blogs would be public.

If a system like WordPress is used, all of what I said is possible. And a lot more too!

North of me, they are electrifying the Gospel Oak to Barking Line and there has been a bit of controversy over noisy piling in the middle of the night.

A simple post apologising for the noise and giving locations may have eased the problems. You might even get comments to the blog from those overlooking the piling, which show the details of the engineering and the generated noise.

You can never be sure, the way that such a blog will develop.

But I’m sure it will work, to improve the smooth running of a project.

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