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Why Would Anyone Fly NeckEnd Airways?

I have a long list of airlines, that I never fly.

Egyptair, who feature in the news today, is one of them and when you read this list of incidents and accidents, you will understand why.

I actually also think that certain types of people do not make good and safe pilots.

How many pilot suicides have there been in recent years? These guys should have been psychologically tested and not let anywhere near a plane, except perhaps to clean the toilets.

There have also been cases of emotional pilots having fights on take-off and others trusting in God to get them out of a sticky situation, they should be trained to handle!

Just read the Wikipedia entry for an airline you might use for travel and if you don’t like it, book something else. It might be more expensive, but what the heck!

Also never confuse cabin service with flight safety!

Remember too, that the most dangerous part of any flight, is getting to and from the airport, in either your own car or some dodgy rental or taxi.

If you can avoid it, never fly to and from an airport without a direct rail connection.



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I’ll Go Along With This Quote

With a memorial service for Sir Nicholas Winton today, I make no apologies for publishing one of his quotes.

I believe in ethics, and if everybody believed in ethics we’d have no problems at all. That’s the only way out; forget the religious side.

I doubt I can live long enough to see religion, become something you read about in history books.

But the world would be a better place, if everyone followed Sir Nicholas’s advice.

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The London Overground Grows Without Fuss

I use the East london Line of the london Overground several times a week.

But this article in Rail Technology Magazine is entitled Extra evening services added on London Overground and I didn’t notice anything announcing the increase in services. This is said.

The East London line has been increased from two trains to four an hour between 10.00 and 11.30pm on the routes from Dalston Junction to New Cross and Clapham Junction and from Highbury & Islington to West Croydon and Crystal Palace.

It’s almost as if a Night Overground is being introduced in a Softly Softly way!

What’s gone wrong with the Unions?

They usually see an increase in levels of customer service, as a perceived threat to their jobs and working conditions and vote about whether to go on strike.

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