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Looking For Holmes Chapel Road Station

In my list of stations, there is a Holmes Chapel Road station, which try as I could, I couldn’t find.

In the UK, there are two types of enthusiastic amateurs, who get involved with trains.

The first group are those, who want to drive, repair, rebuild and clean old engines and other rolling stock.  Now I’m not against looking and riding behind old steam engines, but getting my hands dirty is not for me anymore. If it ever was!

The second group are in some ways the more interesting and are epitomised by those, who fought for the rebuilding of the Borders Railway, where through their efforts, cynical politicians and civil servants were convinced to rebuild a railway from Edinburgh to the Borders, that has been to the benefit of residents, visitors and business between Edinburgh and the Borders.

Another campaigning group is the Mid Cheshire Rail Users Association, which I discovered by finding their web site by accident.

One of their ambitions is to reopen The Sandbach – Middlewich – Northwich Railway Line. this page on their web site explains their aims.

The re-opening of this railway line to passenger traffic and construction of a new station has been a long-standing ambition of Middlewich residents, Middlewich Town Council, the Mid Cheshire Rail Link Campaign and the Mid Cheshire Rail Users’ Association.

Middlewich (population 13,600) is the largest town in Cheshire without a railway station. More than 50% of the working population of the town commute out of Middlewich by car and the majority of these work in Greater Manchester.

Back in November 2008 the Middlewich Railway Steering Group engaged The Railway Consultancy to investigate the costs and benefits of reopening the line to passengers along with the building of a new station in Middlewich. The recently published report findings show that the industry threshold required to take the project further have been achieved.

My elusive station is actually Middlewich station.

This Google Map shows, what I take to be the site of the station, which was closed in 1960.


Note that the station is on Holmes Chapel Road.

There’s more about the project under Proposed Services  in the Wikipedia entry for the Mid-Cheshire Line.

I wish the group lots of luck in getting their dreams fulfilled.

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Tarbock Island Or Halewood South Station?

This document on the Merseytravel web site is their plan of what they would like to do in the future and when it talks about new stations on the Lines between Liverpool and Manchester, it always talks about a station at Tarbock Island or Halewood South.

I suspect the main purpose is to create a Parkway station, soi that cars and their passengewrs can come into the City using the rail system rather than their vehicles.

Tarbock Island Station

This Google Map shows the are around Tarbock Island, where the M62 Motorway from the East meets the Liverpool Orbital Motorway; the M57.


The Liverpool to Mainchester Railway is across the top of the map, with stations from West to East aqs follows.




There used to be a fourth station in the area. Huyton Quarry station which was possibly on a loop from the main line.

Looking at the map, it will be a difficult exercise to find space for a station to connect to the centre of Liverpool.

Halewood South Station

This Google Map shows the area around the bottom of the Knowsley Expressway.


There are two East-West rail lines and the A 562 from the Silver Jubilee Bridge over the Mersey.

Bridges Across The Mersey

This area is going to get very busy with road traffic, when the Mersey  Gateway opens in late 2017.

But that bridge is going to have a toll, as will the existing crossing.

The issues surrounding the tolls are discussed in this article on the BBC, which was written before the 2015 General Election.


So would a Halewood South station be a good idea?

There are just so many issues.

And which of the two stations will be built?

Merseyrail has an interesting problem!

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A Station At Hadley

Hadley is a possible station in Telford.

This Google Map shows the area around Hadley.


There are two railway lines in the area, both of which had Hadley stations in the past.

As the single-track line doesn’t go past the Railfreight Park, it would appear that the new station will be built on the Wolverhampton and Shrewsbury Line.

Ironically, New Hadley Halt shation closed the day after Telford Central station opened.

British Rail didn’t seem to have the word future-proofing in their vocabulary.

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Stations Between Mossley Hill And Edge Hill In Liverpool

Greenbank Park and Wavertree have been named as possible station on this route.

I can’t find any reference to a new station at Greenbank Park on the Internet.

This document on the Merseytravel web site is their plan of what they would like to do and it has no mention.

Wavertree station did exist until the 1950s.

At University, I visited the area a lot and even lived in a Hall of Residence by Greenbank Park. I also proposed to C, close to the Park.

This Google Map shows the area.


Note the four-track railway passing to the East of the area, which is actually crossed by the iconic Penny Lane.

  • Two fast lines take expresses to and from Liverpool Lime Street.
  • Two slow lines handle the slower trains.
  • Trains generally stop on the fast lines at Mossley Hill and West Allerton stations.
  • There are no stations between Mossley Hill and Edge Hill.

It looks to me, that it is not an efficient way to run a railway and Merseyrail’s preferred four trains an hour (tph) frequency would be impossible.

This diagram from Wikipedia, shows the lines in the area.


Note how between Mossley Hill and Edge Hill stations, there used to be Sefton Park and Wavertree stations.

  • As Greenbank Park and Wavertree stations have been named as possible stations, it would only be recreating the same philosophy as when the line was built.
  • I suspect that no station would be created at Penny Lane, as it would attract too many tourists. But Greenmbank Park would be a short walk.
  • Surely, the local trains would run on the slow lines, to avoid delaying the expresses.
  • Services on the fast lines would only stop at Edge Hill and Liverpool South Parkway.
  • Four tph would certainly be possible with Merseyrail’s new trains between Lime Street and Liverpool South Parkway.
  • Services might even be able to access Liverpool Airport running as trams, as I believe they can.

Edge Hill station has never been fully developed for passenger services.

  • There are tunnels from the station to stations at Liverpool Riverside and Crown Street.
  • Crown Street station might be reopened to serve the flagship development at Paddington Village.
  • Proposals exist for a station at Kings Dock linked to Edge Hill via the Wapping Tunnel.
  • Trains can access the Canada Dock Branch from the station.
  • The station has connections to Manchester, Preston, Warrington and Wigan.

Could Edge Hill be developed as a satellite station for Lime Street, just as Stratford is for Liverpool Street in London?



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A Station At Great Cornard

I can’t find anything about a possible station at the village of Great Cornard.

This is a Google Map of the area.


Note Sudbury station at the top of the map from where the Gainsborough Line turns South along the course of the River Stour towards Bures and Marks Tey.

A single-platform station at Great Cornard would seem to be a feasible proposition from an engineering point of view.

It could provide a valuable commuter and leisure route to Colchester and London, especially, if as I suspect Greater Anglia will run trains between Sudbury and Colchester Town via Marks Tey and Colchester.

The train company are probably analysing various scenarios concerning a new station at Great Cornard.

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