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Tarbock Island Or Halewood South Station?

This document on the Merseytravel web site is their plan of what they would like to do in the future and when it talks about new stations on the Lines between Liverpool and Manchester, it always talks about a station at Tarbock Island or Halewood South.

I suspect the main purpose is to create a Parkway station, soi that cars and their passengewrs can come into the City using the rail system rather than their vehicles.

Tarbock Island Station

This Google Map shows the are around Tarbock Island, where the M62 Motorway from the East meets the Liverpool Orbital Motorway; the M57.


The Liverpool to Mainchester Railway is across the top of the map, with stations from West to East aqs follows.




There used to be a fourth station in the area. Huyton Quarry station which was possibly on a loop from the main line.

Looking at the map, it will be a difficult exercise to find space for a station to connect to the centre of Liverpool.

Halewood South Station

This Google Map shows the area around the bottom of the Knowsley Expressway.


There are two East-West rail lines and the A 562 from the Silver Jubilee Bridge over the Mersey.

Bridges Across The Mersey

This area is going to get very busy with road traffic, when the Mersey  Gateway opens in late 2017.

But that bridge is going to have a toll, as will the existing crossing.

The issues surrounding the tolls are discussed in this article on the BBC, which was written before the 2015 General Election.


So would a Halewood South station be a good idea?

There are just so many issues.

And which of the two stations will be built?

Merseyrail has an interesting problem!

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  1. […] Halewood South is a possible new station in the South East of Liverpool. See Tarbock Island Or Halewood South Station? […]

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  2. Tarbock Island is very busy road junction, roundabout etc. Using it to get people to leave their cars and continue via rail would be a large undertaking, because of the need to park. The only rail route I really know is the one through St Helens Centra. Parking not good there or at any of the others on the line. To be fair I have no idea where a Tarbock or Halewood would branch off. Huyton Quarry was a loop I think. I am going back nearly 45 years when I ws at school in Prescot, and used to get trains to meet up with friends in Huyton and Roby. I don’t recall the station in Whiston, but would have been out of my way anyway. It could be a fairly new station, now there is a huge hospital there. But as I say, it 45 years since I used those train lines – I lived in a village called Eccleston, 3 mies from Prescot but there was a reliable bus service every 2 hours 😉

    Comment by nosnikrapzil | February 4, 2017 | Reply

  3. Liverpool seem to be providing high quality rail services into the City Centre, in the hope that like London a good rail service will discourage people from driving in.

    The new trains look like they will set new standards in step-free access, with every station roll across access into the train. This is the ultimate standard, but most operators can’t do it as well as Liverpool, as Merseyrail have the control of both trains and tracks.

    The best railway in London for step-free access is the Dockland Light Railway, as trains and platforms are both under DLR control and were designed to fit.

    But others aren’t so good.

    There would appear to be some very straight thinkers and engineers in Merseyrail.

    Comment by AnonW | February 4, 2017 | Reply

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