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Looking For Holmes Chapel Road Station

In my list of stations, there is a Holmes Chapel Road station, which try as I could, I couldn’t find.

In the UK, there are two types of enthusiastic amateurs, who get involved with trains.

The first group are those, who want to drive, repair, rebuild and clean old engines and other rolling stock.  Now I’m not against looking and riding behind old steam engines, but getting my hands dirty is not for me anymore. If it ever was!

The second group are in some ways the more interesting and are epitomised by those, who fought for the rebuilding of the Borders Railway, where through their efforts, cynical politicians and civil servants were convinced to rebuild a railway from Edinburgh to the Borders, that has been to the benefit of residents, visitors and business between Edinburgh and the Borders.

Another campaigning group is the Mid Cheshire Rail Users Association, which I discovered by finding their web site by accident.

One of their ambitions is to reopen The Sandbach – Middlewich – Northwich Railway Line. this page on their web site explains their aims.

The re-opening of this railway line to passenger traffic and construction of a new station has been a long-standing ambition of Middlewich residents, Middlewich Town Council, the Mid Cheshire Rail Link Campaign and the Mid Cheshire Rail Users’ Association.

Middlewich (population 13,600) is the largest town in Cheshire without a railway station. More than 50% of the working population of the town commute out of Middlewich by car and the majority of these work in Greater Manchester.

Back in November 2008 the Middlewich Railway Steering Group engaged The Railway Consultancy to investigate the costs and benefits of reopening the line to passengers along with the building of a new station in Middlewich. The recently published report findings show that the industry threshold required to take the project further have been achieved.

My elusive station is actually Middlewich station.

This Google Map shows, what I take to be the site of the station, which was closed in 1960.


Note that the station is on Holmes Chapel Road.

There’s more about the project under Proposed Services  in the Wikipedia entry for the Mid-Cheshire Line.

I wish the group lots of luck in getting their dreams fulfilled.

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  1. […] Holmes Chapel Road is a possible reopened station at Middlewich on a branch of the Mid Cheshire Line. See Looking For Holmes Chapel Road Station. […]

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  2. I don’t know the area well, but ancestors on my mother’s side came from “the wiches” and Winsford. From memory, they were salt mining areas, and worked out salt mines are now used as long terms repository of documentation etc – for example one of them had medical records which are required to be kept for at least 100 years after each death, and also old council minutes etc. It is necessary to give a couple of days notice if you want to view certain documents so that they can be brought up from the archive.

    Comment by nosnikrapzil | February 5, 2017 | Reply

    • In the late 1960s, I worked with a lady at ICI Head Office called Janet Gornall, who organised the storage of all ICI’S historic records in the mines. She turned up to organise everything and then it turned out, that women were not allowed to work in mines in those days.Everybody had a bit of a laugh and I think that it resulted in questions in the House of Commons and the law being changed.

      There’s also the tale of when ICI’s mine at Winsford got water in it in a big way. One of the needs for workers coming out of the mine was dry and warm clothing. So they sent a truck to the nearest Marks and Spencer and bought everything they’d got.

      One of the Transit vans did thousands of miles underground in deep wet salt. Foprd took it back, as it was the best corrosion test they ever had.

      Some of the tales did get out of hand, but a lot of the workers I met, who’d been involved, thought it was a great adventure, especially sas they saved the mine.

      Comment by AnonW | February 5, 2017 | Reply

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