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East Midlands Airport Offers £2.5m Fund To Boost Station Connections

The title of this post is the same as an article on Rail Technology Magazine.

If not desperation, there is an air of We Must Do Better about the title.

So I went to the Rail page on the EastMidlands Airport web site.

This is said.

With a choice of stations, it’s never been easier to travel by train to East Midlands Airport. Connections are available to the north and south of the country from Derby, Nottingham and Long Eaton, with bus services to each station possible through regular Skylink bus services to and from the airport.

It is possible to connect at East Midlands Parkway for journeys to and from destinations outside the East Midlands region. This station is now served by a Parkway Railink – a scheduled 6-seater operating every day from 6am to 7pm hourly.

I certainly haven’t seen many airports with worse rail access than that, so I can understand their £2.5million offer.

Their demands outlined in Rail Technology Magazine aren’t unreasonable, but they are short of direct access.

This Google Map shows East Midlands Airport.

Note East Midlands Parkway station is in the North-East corner of the map.

Note that the runway at the airport is 2,893 metres long.

I think it’s true to say, unless your destination could only be reached from East Midlands Airport, those without cars, wouldn’t go near the place.

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