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Does The North Get A Raw Deal In Trains To And From London?

In the August 2017 Edition of Modern Railways, this is said, when talking about Great Western Railwat’s new Class 800 trains.

Thus both Bristol Temple Meads And Bristol Parkway will get four trains an hour to London, an even better service than Manchester’s three trains.

Admittedly, the Manchester service is a few minutes over two hours, whereas the Bristol service will be 90 minutes.

So what sort of service do other cities get?

  • Birmingham – 7 trains per hour (tph)
  • Cardiff – 2 tph
  • Edinburgh – 3 tph
  • Exeter – 3 tph
  • Glasgow – 2 tph
  • Leeds – 2 tph
  • Leicester – 4 tph
  • Liverpool – 1 tph
  • Newcastle – 3 tph
  • Norwich – 2 tph going to 3 tph in 2020.
  • Nottingham – 2 tph
  • Sheffield – 2 tph
  • Southampton – 3 tph
  • York – 4 tph

They are an interesting set of frequencies and you can read your own theories into the numbers.


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Do We Spend An Average Price On Food Items?

This may seem a silly question to ask, but I tend to do most of my food shopping in Marks and Spencer and like the convenience of using contactless payment.

But I have found on average, that my average payment is just a few pence over a couple of pounds.

So when I get to fourteen items, unless there is something I have to get, like supper, I stop shopping.

I was surprised how similar the average item cost was each time.

But then I don’t buy much, as I live alone and I’m coeliac. And I do shop elsewhere as well!

One thing I do wonder, is that since I’ve been counting, I seem to be throwing away less food, so perhaps it’s stopped me buying too much!

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Extra Track Up The Lea Valley

Yesterday, Network Rail released this document on their web site, which is entitled Extra track to be installed in Lee Valley this autumn for a bigger and better railway.

This is the opening sentence.

Work to build a new track between Stratford and Angel Road is being stepped up this autumn as part of the £170m Lee Valley Rail Programme to increase services and boost local regeneration.

Network Rail will carry out the following work as part of its Railway Upgrade Plan:

  • Strengthening the River Lea rail bridge near Tottenham Hale to support the new third track
  • Installing foundations for the new overhead line structures to provide power for trains using the third track
  • Installing foundations for the new island platform and footbridge at Tottenham Hale station to help people move around the station easier
  • Installing foundations for a new island platform at Northumberland Park to allow access to trains that will use the new track
  • To make the most of the closure, track will also be renewed near Lea Bridge station as part of the track renewals programme

It certainly makes my pictures clearer.

I took these pictures yesterday.


  1. The current platform 1 at Tottenham Hale station will be turned into an island platform.
  2. It will be tight to squeeze everything in at Tottenham Hale.
  3. It looks like the space for the track between Tottenham Hale and Angel Road stations has been cleared.
  4. The current platform 1 at Northumberland Park station will be turned into an island platform.
  5. The level crossing at Northumberland Park station has been closed.

It would appear a good start has been made.

This Google Map shows the footbridge that goes over the tracks and the Victoria Line Depot.

Note that when it comes to squeezing in a fourth track, there is more space than first appears.


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Has Network Rail Opened The Door To A New Railway Age?

The title of this post is the same as this article on Construction News.

It is a good read!

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